Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC Review

Fallout 4’s 4th installment of DLC just dropped last week and it’s known as Contraptions. The DLC is priced at $4.99 and is available on Steam, Playstation, and Xbox right now. Here is ThisGenGaming’s review of Fallout 4’s Contraptions.

If you don’t know already, Contraptions is basically another piece of workshop dlc. What this means is that all this dlc does is add new things into the in game workshop building mode where players can build bases, settlements, etc. There is no new quests at all in this dlc which may be disappointing for some people. There is however 3 new achievements that players can score if they please. Here are the new achievements that Contraptions offers.

#1- Time Out- Assign a settler to a pillory.
#2- Show Off- Display a weapon on a weapon rack, armor on an armor rack, and power armor in a power armor display.
#3- Mass Production- Produce 100 objects from your builders.

If this DLC is starting to sound exactly like Wasteland Workshop, don’t worry, Contraptions adds way more items than Wasteland Workshop did. When I say way more, I mean like five times as much stuff. There is now these things called Builders and each one can make certain items such as junk, weapons, armor, food, ammo, you name it these cool machines can make it with the required materials. There is also buildable elevators, weapon and armor racks, glass display cases, pillorys, and way more that even I may have not found yet.

Some may argue that most of these items were already in the game and we should’ve had access from day one, and while I totally agree on this at least Bethesda has actually given us access to build these things instead of not letting us do it at all. It may have also been a time issue where they wanted to add them on day one but they just simply didn’t have enough time to do so. The only thing that does sadden me is that some of the new mods that released may get taken down or deleted since they add the stuff that Contraptions does.

Overall, if you don’t ever use the workshop mode and don’t care about achievements then don’t buy Contraptions. If you want some extra time to kill in Fallout 4 and/or you enjoy building in the workshop mode then Contraptions is way worth the mere five dollars it’s priced at. If you managed to get this through the season pass when it was only $30 or even the new $50 price it’s definitely worth trying this new piece of DLC. Contraptions is a step up from the disappointing Wasteland Workshop DLC and is enjoyable for the first hour or two playing with it but it still doesn’t blow anyone away.

ThisGenGaming gives Fallout 4’s Contraptions a 7.2/10.

Do you plan on picking up Contraptions or do you already have it? Let us know down below.

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