Why A 2016 Release For The PS4 Neo Could Be Risky For Sony

All three of the major console manufacturers in the current market have intentions of upgrading their hardware and promoting new consoles, with Nintendo having their NX, Microsoft’s Xbox One Slim and Project Scorpio however there have been recent rumours to suggest that Sony have intentions of bringing out their upgraded PlayStation 4 this year, under the name 4.5 or Neo.

The console was recently confirmed by Sony themselves, but it wasn’t shown during E3 unlike the arguable competitor of Microsoft being the Xbox One Slim. The newest addition to the long list of consoles Sony has produced will be capable of upscaling the current PS4 titles to 4K as well as a promising future for the upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation VR Headset alongside the PS4 Controllers

However with Sony deciding not to show off their latest console at E3, many thought it was an odd move and even more so when Microsoft showed both of their new consoles with some specifications to get us all a little bit more excited for the future of console gaming. So from Microsoft actually giving us something to discuss about and see during their E3 slot, is it a risky move for Sony to bring out their competing console this year?

While the PlayStation Neo was initially a competitor for the Xbox Scorpio, it may be the wrong step forward for Sony as their main selling point for the console is 4K gaming which is still somewhat obsolete in today’s society, with the market of 4K televisions and monitors being very niche.

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That being said however, the new rival of the PlayStation Neo (the Xbox One S) may be taking a better step forward by offering 4K video playback as opposed to 4K gaming. A 4K compatible graphics card will probably cost more than a PlayStation 4 entirely and perhaps it’s too early to be pushing such an advanced age of graphical changes with the future still to come.

Xbox One and Xbox One S comparison

The PlayStation is certain to be a lot more powerful than we’ve seen previously without a doubt, and with the way games are headed this year and next, I’m sure it’ll pay off in the long run by having such a huge advantage over the Xbox One S, but this puts another few question in perspective:

Will Microsoft use what they’re going to see with the release of the PlayStation 4.5 and make an additional console to counteract it?

My answer? Probably. Now, we already know that they’re making the Scorpio and that the Xbox One Slim is soon to be released, and we’ve been given the specifications of the console so we’re aware of what to expect from it. Sony have probably taken what Microsoft have dished out and improved their upcoming console with the intention of keeping a strong player base, that of which still tops the chart against the two. But Microsoft could very easily make an additional improved console alongside the Xbox One S but would it be economically beneficial? Probably not.

Are Sony using this as a means of releasing an even more powerful console later on to battle the Xbox Scorpio?

Maybe. Sony have always managed to keep their fans happy with whatever they throw in the loop, and this is certainly one of the more rambunctious things to do, perhaps one of the smartest things post E3 considering they kept quiet about their future console during the event. Initially I’d assumed that the PS4.5/Neo was to be the contender against the Xbox Scorpio but now it’s making me wonder if they have another card up their sleeve, or they know that the Scorpio can’t match the performance of their own console.

The official E3 announcement of the Xbox One S

At the end of the day, both companies have been around for long enough to see that this is a competition. All the gamers care about is how much we’re going to enjoy the console, and the benefits we’ll see from choosing one over the other. Yes, the PS4.5/Neo will have 4K benefits but will that be something we need for a 2016 release? Possibly, but more than likely not. Will it be beneficial in the future? Yes of course, 4K gaming is a growing market and the prices of monitors and TVs are slowly reaching the same price as a decent Ultra HD TV. However the Xbox One S is an upgrade that fans of the current console need to stay in the loop for a fairly decent price, without 4K gaming qualities – maybe neither were needed, and focus should’ve been kept on the future projects instead.

This is just my opinion however, and we’d love to hear from you down below in the comments whether or not you think this move on Sony’s end is going to benefit them or if it’s going to be a financial crisis.

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  1. you guys ever this that these new consoles are meant to drive the sales of the older consoles?they dont even have to mass produce them at all so it wouldnt be a huge loss in production.thats what im thinking is really going on here.sony and ms could release 100k of these consoles and not take much loss.

  2. I don’t really agree with your sentiment. Although the “4K” catchcry is in there for the NEO it’s primary purpose will be tidying over until the next major console from Sony. I think it is meant to help with VR (which is totally boring to me) but it will provide a very nice boost to 1080p games and if it can provide 60fps 1080p games for nearly all releases it will be a total winner and for this case the sooner it is released to the developers and community the better for Sony.

    The Scorpio on the other hand will only be capable of 30fps 4K games at best and I don’t think 30fps is going to sustain it’s relevance much longer – especially if NEO can provide 60fps in 1080p. There’s plenty of evidence out there indicating that it is very unlikely Scorpio will do 4K 60fps.

    And don’t forget it takes a while – can be years – for developers to get the most out of a console. Neo is definitely an evolution of PS4 hardware not a revolution like Scorpio is. People talk about the SKU sorting the hardware differences out for XBOX but I don’t believe that. It will be a whole new beast for developers to get their head around – the NEO will be almost business as usual with just more power. More or less.

    I would then see Sony bringing out their next major upgrade which by whenever that is WILL have the power to do full 4K 60fps. That is the real game.

    My two cents.

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