Killer Instinct Definitive Edition Rumour Seemingly Verified as Amazon Store Listing Goes Up

An Amazon UK listing has potentially leaked a Killer Instinct Definitive Edition. Rumours at the start of the month showed a listing for a definitive edition of Killer Instinct has surfaced online and pegs it for a retail release exclusively for Xbox One on August 30th of this year. According to the listing, it will include all three seasons, Shadow Jago, both Classic Killer Instinct games, the original soundtrack, and behind-the-scenes footage, interviews & artwork. Nothing is official until Microsoft states as much, so don’t take this posting as fact. I’ll havemore info to share if and when it becomes available in the future!


The release date is currently listed for 30 Aug. 2016 but it’s possible that this is a placeholder date that’s subject to change.

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