New Gears of War 4 Character Renders Showcase Breathtaking Detail

The Twitter account ‘GearsFeed’ tweeted out some high quality character renders on their twitter account which you can find and follow here. So far, they’ve shared renders of Anya, JD, and a young Marcus Fenix. You can view the three character renders below:

A new saga begins for one of the most acclaimed video game franchises in history. After narrowly escaping an attack on their village, JD Fenix and his friends, Kait and Del, must rescue the ones they love and discover the source of a monstrous new enemy.

Xbox Play Anywhere: Pre-order the digital game, and it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.


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  1. That looks amazing!

  2. Nice

  3. The girl looks great…..the guys look like horrible messes. It’s accurate to real life!! Perhaps it’s the lack of scars on the feminine figure…..

  4. her eyes are more symmetrical compared to marcus and damon, that’s why they look like crap.

  5. They look very good but “breathtaking” isnt really the word I would use to describe it and I most certainly hope these arent PC renders.

    • That’s funny because as a PC gamer I can’t think of any game that has faces that detailed in gameplay.

      Like the overall style or not its irrelevant. What’s important is the quality and realism.

      • uncharted 4, heavy rain, and beyond two souls had facial details on par with this, with uncharted 4 taking the cake

        • No…sorry they didn’t.

          Uncharted swapped out half the assets for it’s realtime cut scenes and turned on visual effects not present in gameplay and did so by occluding detail from the maps with depth of field of simplified geometry swaps. If you can’t see the difference you are blind.

          Its a great looking game that does a great job of tricking the eyes and mind but the models during gameplay have half the detail as the cinematic close up ones.

          Beyond and heavy rain…give me a break guy. Get your fanboy out of here. Why don’t you keep on listing more Sony games instead of PC games that stomped that garbage years ago like Crysis or the pc version of BF3&4 on ultra or even the PC version of the new Tomb Raider.

          But muh Sony! Expand your gaming horizons.

          • You have Microsofts schlong up your a$$ kid

          • Did any of those PC games you listed have better facial detail than the PlayStation games listed?


          • Well my friend I guess you never actually played Uncharted 4 because I seen first hand the amount of facial details, and animation in Uncharted’s characters and it’s by far better than this PoS facial detail, j/k this is pretty good right now but lets see it in motion. And I’m definitely not even talking about cut scenes, when’ you’re standing there talking to the characters you see so much detail when there’s talking they don’t just look like lifeless beings. As for multiplayer there’s even more because of the taunts, when they’re dancing they do so many facials moves it’s damn impressive. and yes Im bringing Heavy Rain in the mix you gotta problem with that!?

            Sure I only said Sony titles because Xbox One has none that come close, maybe Quantum Break, but I haven’t picked that up yet. I have all three consoles (-.- yes I’m aware the WiiU is dead) and I mainly play Forza on X1. Don’t play too much PC games I was only referring to consoles, the last real PC game I played was Black and White 2. It’s pretty unfair bringing PC games into this conversation, because if a dev really wanted to push tech in game there’s pretty much no limited especially if he/she gives 2 fs about if you gaming rig can’t play it. Calm your tits man no need for name calling *cough* PCMASTERRACE *cough*

      • Oh please, if you cant think of anything better than this, which BTW is CG and not in-game, then I can guarantee, you are not a PC gamer you are not even a PS4 gamer.

        • Great argument bud. Why waste time with facts when we can just use insults to try and feel cool!

          I have all the consoles and a PC that would melt your face. Give me your email address I’ll send pictures and I’ll make sure to include my middle finger in all of them and the date so you know they are legit.


          • Well then, I think its time you upgrade your PC.

          • Yes it’s time to upgrade my x99 based PC.

            Tell me…what should I upgrade it to exactly? Should I add another 32 gigs of ddr4 or is the 32 I have already enough? Should I change out my 4.8ghz 6 core i7 for something cooler like an i5 or an i3? Should I rip out my liquid cooling setup for the CPU and GPU and replace it with huge ugly heatsinks and fans?

            Please… Help me because I clearly need it. Running Doom at 1440p with 8x TSAA, and all settings on ultra at 157 fps isn’t enough… I need something better. I mean Jesus Alien Isolation only managed to hit 85fps at 4k…that’s awful. Not cinematic at all like on console where it hovers between 25-30.

            Wait I know! I’ll replace my PC with a 2nd ps4…that will make you Happy right!? Cause that’s what this is about…its not about me its about your Sony fanboyitis.

            You’re a joke and you know it. I’ve indulged you enough. Go be petty with someone different and do yourself a favor and pick someone dumb next time. You could always install line on your PC and phone then argue with yourself on 2 different accounts. Few seconds goes by and you wont even remember it was you who sent the message in the first place.

            Have fun with your potato!

          • What a dumb ass idiot.

          • You always know when someone can’t hold their own in an argument. They just fire off insults like the children.

            Sorry kids your words don’t bother me. Insult away “Guest”

          • BUUUUUUUUUUUUURN! *sizzzzzzzzzzzzle*

            (You got em, friend.)

          • Maaaaaaaaaaaan, that was one of the best burns I’ve ever seen since the beginning of the Internet.

          • Yes upgrade that flimsy ass ddr4 with gddr5 RAM! Get that PoS i7 out of your rig and slap an Xenon E7 processor in that b*tch. Liquid cool? man that’s 1990s tech you need that moon cooling system keeps your PC -256 all the time. Replace that weak ass GPU especially running Doom at only 157fps my grandma can run Doom faster than that!.

            Stick with the potato kid, the performance gains from that is unheard of.

  6. Yet another proof that adding more details and natural light just doesn’t do it. It fucking ugly, sorry. Quantum Break or Uncharted 4 just did way better. And why the fucking dummy open mouths?!

  7. Damn. Fenix got that scar on his cheek from being brutalized by an ugly stick. Picture looks like he was chin deep in shreks ass when the police bust in… If you look in his eyes you can count his IQ.

    Anya looks the kind of special that requires constant monitoring. Her upper lip looks like a mustache and those tired eyes and inability to fully close her mouth show the damages done by a mostly crayon diet.

  8. those are only target renders, the game won’t have that level of detail

  9. She looks androgynous

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