Why Game Preview Program Works

The game preview program on Xbox One was announced back during E3 2015.  Since then we’ve had a few games go through or still on the program.  Games like Layers of Fear, Elite Dangerous and Prison Architect are a few of the titles that have gone through the program and had a full release.  While not all of the games on the program have been released so far there has not been any kind of failures or cancelled projects.  Compared to the Early Access program on Steam, which has had several cancelled projects, and games that shouldn’t have been on the steam marketplace to begin with.  But that’s beside the point.  Each game that’s been on the game preview program so far has been well polished despite their unfinished state.  They’ve all seemed to be of good enough quality to actually warrant being on the program and not some terrible Unity asset flip.  Really if I could fault the program for anything it would be the lack of a good outlet of communication with the developers.  Granted there’s plenty of outlets for that to begin with.  Twitter, forums etc. are all viable outlets.  But there’s really nothing consumers can use to instantly communicate to the developers through Xbox One itself.  Overall the program works because so far all of the titles that have gone through the program have been of high enough quality to be on the program.  It’s a good way for consumers to support game developers and witness a game go through development up until the final release, which I personally do enjoy.  And finally unlike most game releases on the Xbox One all Game Preview games so far have had a trial that can be downloaded.  Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with me.  I do think the program still has room for improvement or has the risk of getting worse over time.  But as of right now it functions quite well.

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