Pokemon Go Has Caused An Incredible Demand For Original Pokemon Gameboy Games

Pokemon Go is causing major waves in the world of gaming with over 15 million downloads so far. The major popularity of the game is causing older Pokemon games (specifically Gameboy Pokemon games) to become a highly demanded game which has caused a huge increase in sold prices on eBay UK.


Here is an eBay listing for Pokemon Red which ended on May 1st 2016. The ending price was £16.


This eBay listing of Pokemon Red sold for £42 today (July 16th 2016) which is after the release of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Gameboy games prior to the release of Pokemon Go were selling for around £16-£18 on eBay and now with the release of Pokemon Go that price has increased by £28 which is close to triple the price it was selling for 2 months ago on eBay.

So if you own any Pokemon Gameboy games, now would be the time to dust them off and sell them while they are a hot product. Interestingly, the price of the Pokemon Gameboy games are at the highest average they have ever been. While they are collectible games, they have never reached the price of £40+ since the release of the original game.

What do you think of the Pokemon craze currently? Will it last for much longer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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