General Manager of DICE Patrick Bach Says Battlefield 1 Will Take Advantage of Project Scorpio

Battlefield 1 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield™ 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every battle, control every massive vehicle, and execute every maneuver that turns an entire fight around. The whole world is at war – see what’s beyond the trenches.

Microsoft’s upcoming Scorpio is set to be the most powerful console when it releases next year. The PS4 Neo’s specs have leaked and it appears that the Scorpio will be at least 50% more powerful and capable of 4K. In an interview with Metro, the General Manager of DICE Patrick Bach suggested that Battlefield 1 will take advantage of this hardware upgrade.

GC:So as soon as you heard about Project Scorpio, did you immediately start drawing up new plans of how to take advantage of it?

PB: Since we are on PC this is not a problem for us, we just scale. We just crank it up. When we build the games we build them here [indicates one end of a line with his hands], and then the PC that you can buy today is here [indicates slightly further down the line] and the question is just where are the consoles on this scale? So if they give us a better console we just crank it up and it’ll be more awesome.

The base Xbox One version is running at 720p in the closed alpha so a Scorpio version will run at 1080p minimum if not at 2k or 4k resolution.

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