Gravity Rush 2 Launches Worldwide in December

Sony’s Holiday 2016 lineup added another game today as it was announced this morning that Gravity Rush 2 will launch around the globe this December. EU will get it first on November 30, Japan on December 1, and the US and UK on December 2. Gravity Rush 2 is yet another exclusive from Sony Japan Studio releasing this year with the other being The Last Guardian on October 25. Gravity Rush 2 was one of the game media’s surprise hits coming out of E3 2016 and you can see why by watching the new trailer below.

Sony also revealed that those who pre order the game at retailers will get a special white alternate costume for Kat and a select soundtrack of the game while those who pre order on the PlayStation Store will get 10 exclusive PSN avatars. Another surprise is that Sony announced they are working with renowned anime developer Studio Khara on a Gravity Rush anime known as Overture that will bridge the gap between the first game and the sequel.


A new character named Angel was also revealed today. Angel is like her name a guardian angel who can show up and help Kat when she is in trouble. She uses an aggressive fighting style and has a special ability that allows her to regenerate health instantly.

We’ll have more on Gravity Rush 2 in the month’s ahead leading up to it’s launch so stay tuned and tell us in the comments what you think of the game.

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