PlayStation Plus August 2016 Predictions

The PlayStation Plus lineups have been pretty great over the past few months for those who have been asking for AAA/Retail games. Games such as Zombi, NBA 2K16, Tropico 5, and Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell have been the recent additions to the Plus lineup and as July is winding down it’s time to take some guesses as to what we might see in the August PlayStation Plus lineup.

1. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs once again makes the list as it makes sense with the sequel getting closer and closer. Giving the first game away on PlayStation Plus could give those who still haven’t tried the game a chance to see what it is about. Ubisoft is addressing most of the complaints that people had from the first game for the sequel but the original Watch Dogs is still worth playing so that you know what the franchise is about. Ubisoft has shown they don’t mind giving their games away on Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus so Watch Dogs is certainly a possibility.

2. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is coming up on being out for two years and the game has been heavily discounted many times. It would be another great addition to the Plus lineup because of this. The game won many Game of the year awards back in 2014 but many players still haven’t played it. The game also has plenty of DLC so giving it away on PS Plus could drive further sales of that. There are rumors of a sequel being in development so again it would be a way to drive interest in the series.

3. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

The two recent Wolfenstein games by Machine Games were excellent titles and I think that the prequel could be included in the PlayStation Plus lineup. While both The Old Blood and The New Order are both cheap nowadays I think it makes more sense to give people the recent prequel so that hopefully they’ll go pick up the New Order as well. Both of them are excellent shooters and I’m sure the next entry is already being worked on by Machine Games especially according to a possible leak. Shooter fans are in for a treat if The Old Blood shows up on the PlayStation Plus lineup.

4. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is another game that I think could be included and one that I would be pleased to see. The game was underrated and was ignored by most players even though it is a pretty great game. The studio that made it ended up being shut down as a result of the poor reception to the game but giving it away on PlayStation Plus would hopefully get more players to see that it was actually a pretty good game. It’s doubtful you’ll ever see another entry in the franchise but we’ve seen Sony include some lesser known retail games lately with Tropico 5 and Zombi so maybe Murdered: Soul Suspect could be the next addition.

Once again those are my predictions for some of the games you could see in the PlayStation Plus lineup in August. We should be hearing about the lineup next week but in the meantime tell us in the comments if you’d like to see any of the above listed games on PlayStation Plus.

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