5 Reasons Why You Should Hyped For The Xbox One S

Microsoft announced two new Xbox One variants at their E3 conference this year. These two consoles are known as the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. The Xbox One S is set to be released on August 2 of this year. Here is 5 reasons you should be hyped for this new console.

The Price

The Xbox One S starts out a $299 for the 500gb model and rises to $399 for the 2TB model. There is even a $449 model that includes a special edition Gears of War 4 style Xbox One S and the ultimate edition of the game. These prices are not bad considering what you get with them. The Xbox One S even doubles as a 4K player and can play 4K blu rays which all 4K blu ray players on the market cost more than the Xbox One S. So you can get both a gaming console and a 4K blu-ray player cheaper than a standalone 4K blu-ray player. Now that’s a good deal.

The Design

The Xbox One S features a beautiful Robot White color and is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One, which is a very nice change from the previous model. The console can now be placed vertically which is a neat feature to have considering PS4 had this from day one. The console no longer requires a huge external power brick, its now just a regular wire since the power supply is now built into the console. The only downside of this new console may be the removal of a kinect port, and although Microsoft will send Xbox One owners who already own a kinect and buy the S model a free adapter, this might be too annoying to deal with for some people.

The Features

The Xbox One S now upscales games to HDR which shows off more vibrant colors and richer detail which is a nice feature to have and now the console can compete with PS4 since it can now do 1080p better than the original console did. The S now has an IR blaster for remotes so you no longer have to have a kinect to take advantage of using your own remote. These small features make this console way better than its predecessor.

The Controller

There’s also a new Xbox One controller being bundled with the Xbox One S. This new controller now has a rubber texture on the back for better gripping and now connects to the Xbox via Bluetooth. This is pretty awesome because it allows for connection to a PC without the $35 adapter which in my opinion is a very much needed feature. These new controllers will also be sold separately and can even be designed in the new Xbox Design Lab which allows people to make their own color variants of the new controller which is pretty sweet.

It’s A Console For YOU

Xbox has really taken a big step in being involved with it’s community and has listened to everyone about the changes that Xbox should incorporate. This love and support is what keeps many people from going to other consoles such as the PS4 or PC. Although Xbox may not be the top dog in the sales department, it shines the most in its User Feedback and Support area. After the Xbox One’s bad start with Don Mattrick in the lead, Phil Spencer took over and brought life back into the Xbox brand. This new console is just one of the good changes coming to Xbox and the Scorpio may be the ticket Xbox needs to become the ultimate console.

There’s 5 reasons you should hyped for the Xbox One S. Are you going to pick up the Xbox One S? Let us know in the comments down below.

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