Nintendo NX uses Nvidia Tegra Technology; Likely to be Less Powerful Than PS4 and Xbox One

Eurogamer, who played a part in spilling the beans on the PS4 Neo specs, have now released details surrounding the upcoming Nintendo NX.

Nvidia is providing the core technology that powers Nintendo’s next generation NX console. Multiple sources have confirmed that the new machine is based around Nvidia’s mobile-orientated Tegra processor, with development kits currently using the Tegra X1 chip found in the Shield Android TV console and the Google Pixel C tablet.

The news is bound to come as some surprise to those – including ourselves – who suspected that AMD would provide the technology guts to the new Nintendo machine, but what’s clear is that the firm is planning to go into a completely new, potentially revolutionary direction. Right now, it is simply not interested in providing hardware that directly competes with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It has its own ideas on where to take next-gen gaming.

NX is a mobile games machine, albeit one with a twist – principally that the unit can plug into a base station that transforms it into something more akin to a conventional console. However, the handheld’s side-mounted control areas are apparently detachable, becoming individual pads for two-player gameplay – as revealed in today’s big Nintendo NX news story¬†on this site. At a really basic level, NX is effectively a reversal of the Wii U GamePad concept. It’s a fully integrated mobile games machine you can plug into an HDTV, as opposed to a console with a semi-portable gaming component, bolstered with a unique ‘go anywhere’ take on local multiplayer.

Nintendo’s NX console using a NVIDIA design is also a huge win for NVIDIA over AMD (who often provides console CPU/GPU technology), and symbolizes the shift from a much bigger CPU/APU or GPU design, to a mobile SoC design to suit the hybrid console Nintendo is building. It could also mean that the rumors of a portable Nintendo console, were right after all.

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