Tequila Works Confirm That Rime is Still in Development; Hints it Won’t be a PS4 Exclusive Anymore

The story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive – and ultimately escape from – a mysterious island and a terrible curse. Spanish developer Tequila Works reacquired the rights to its cel-shaded adventure title, Rime, from Sony back in March but news has been pretty quiet since then.

Rime was originally revealed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive at Gamescom 2013, catching the eye of many thanks to its compelling art style and curious narrative, which drew comparisons with critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer, Ico. The news was confirmed by a Sony representative, explaining that “SCE is no longer proprietary of the IP, nor the publisher of the game.”

Tequila Works has confirmed to IBTimes UK that the game is “still in development” and that fans can expect more news soon.

A spokesperson for the Madrid-based studio told us: “Rime is of course still in development, and advancing at a great pace – we actually had to move to a larger office recently, since the team has grown about 40% in the last year!”

“We know it has been a long time with no news, and we are just as eager to communicate about the game as media and fans are to receive news.” Asked whether the game would still be a PS4 exclusive, the spokesperson hinted that may no longer be the case, saying: “I can only confirm it is still coming out for PS4.”

Chances are that this won’t be a PS4 exclusive anymore. The language used here and the fact that they went through the trouble of reacquiring rights for the game infers that they’ll be going multiplatform (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)



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