Street Fighter V Sold Zero Copies to Retailers in Q2 2016, Worst Selling Mainline Game


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Capcom recently published their quarterly earnings but talk on Street Fighter V was noticeably absent. Video game analyst and prolific comedian @ZhugeEX shared some details via Twitter.

“Sell-In” is the term that refers to transactions whereby a retailer buys and stocks products from a manufacturer or distributor.

This confirms multiple reports that Street Fighter V had bombed and it spells bad news for the series. There’s three major mistakes that Street Fighter V didn’t meet expectations: lack of content, the price was too high and it went exclusive on console to PS4. That’s not to say this is the fault of the PS4 userbase after all Capcom released an unfinished product and expected users to cough up $60 for it instead of a Killer Instinct-like model which I feel would’ve benefited Street Fighter V.

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  1. Where are you ponies????????????????????????????

    • Laughing at you Xbox scum and your no games. 🙂

  2. this is embarrassing!!

  3. So this article is based on a shit comedian as a source, and a horrible journalist from a noncredible gaming site plus its obvious he’s pro XBOX…. Sorry but I would never post and article this bad….

    • Actually he blocked a bunch of pro Xboxers just because they had the Scorpio sign on their twitter handle.

      • You should be blocked anyway for being scum, fat Toni.

  4. Nice clickbait. It doesn’t mean they didn’t sell any copies, it means they overshipped at launch. You got the desired response from the Xbox scum though. 🙂

    • Nice PS4 fanboy comment from someone who clearly can’t read. Street Fighter 5 is pure trash. The game is a failure. And yes I own it and nearly 6 months later its still as broken as ever.

  5. The Playstation fanboys are getting all worked up over this. I love how pathetic they are. At the same time they make me embarrassed to be a Playstation fan.

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