Xbox Scorpio vs. PS4 Neo vs. Nintendo NX: Hardware Analysis

We’re in a position now where we can start comparing the hardware of the three upcoming pieces of hardware from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft themselves are the only ones to come out and confirm some specs but Eurogamer and other sources have fairly detailed analysis of Neo and NX specs.

Project Scorpio

Microsoft shocked us all when they made the bold move to officially acknowledge the existence of the “Scorpio” at their E3 conference this year. Although some very vague details had leaked in the weeks preceding the show, Microsoft confirmed the specs of the machine in a promo video:

Xbox Project Scorpio will be a “monster” of a console and will provide 6-teraflops of GPU power along with 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR gaming. It’ll also have 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and is currently over 4x more powerful than the current Xbox One. The console will likely be able to go toe-to-toe with the brand-new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 which has 6.5 TFLOPs of performance. Scorpio will also make further gains via console optimization. Don’t expect a $300 or $400 console here, though. The console will likely be on the pricey end since Microsoft is referring to this as a “high-end” device.

PlayStation 4 Neo

Sony has officially acknowledged the existence of their PS4 upgrade but have yet to formally announce it, despite it being rumoured to be released this year. Leaks have been of the highest magnitude for Sony’s planned upgrade since a 40+ page document leaked detailing very specific points of the Neo.

Thanks to EuroGamer, we’ve all been privy to the rumoured specs of the machine before the documents leaked online. The report says the PS4.5 will use the same CPU as the PS4, but each of its eight Jaguar cores will be clocked at 2.1GHz instead of 1.6GHz – a boost of 1.3. At the same time, the memory will go up from 8GB GDDR5 at 176GB/sec to the same amount of memory at a faster 218GB/sec – enough for a 24% increase in bandwidth.

We can see that the Neo doesn’t stack up to Microsoft’s upgrade. However, we still expect Sony’s machine to deliver some 4K content whilst providing a 1080p 60fps lock for most if not all games.

Nintendo NX

The details surrounding Nintendo’s next console are now becoming clearer, thanks to a new Eurogamer report. Various rumours have flooded the internet in recent months and it appears some of them might actually be true.

“NX will use game cartridges as its choice of physical media, multiple sources have also told us.

Considering NX’s basis as a handheld first and foremost, the choice may not come as too much of a surprise – although we have heard the suggestion Nintendo recommends a 32GB cartridge, which is small when considering the size of many modern games.”

“On the move, NX will function as a high-powered handheld console with its own display. So far so normal – but here’s the twist: we’ve heard the screen is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required.

Then, when you get home, the system can connect to your TV for gaming on the big screen.

A base unit, or dock station, is used to connect the brain of the NX – within the controller – to display on your TV.”

The NX is certainly different but different is what Nintendo excels in. Yes, the Wii U failed to meet expectations for a number of reasons but do we really need another “traditional” console? If the NX is priced right, it could end up being a big deal.

Of course, these machines aren’t released to the public yet so the specs/hardware information known isn’t proven to be entirely accurate but it’s the best we have at the current time. From this, we can say that if you want the most powerful console, the Xbox Scorpio will be your console of choice. If you want to enjoy PlayStation’s exclusives only available on the PS4 then you’ll go with the Neo. If you love Mario or Zelda then you’ll go with the NX, providing it’s priced right. At least, that’s how I see things with the three new consoles. But, what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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