Sony Reports Total PS4 Shipments at 43.5 Million

Sony has reported their earnings from the last quarter and their games division is still killing it. Sony confirmed that they shipped 3.5 million PS4’s in Q1 bringing total worldwide numbers to 43.5 million. Despite rumblings of the PlayStation 4 Neo the PS4 had it’s best Q1 sales ever. PlayStation in fact accounted for 78% of Sony’s total profits this past quarter.

Pretty much everything in the games division was up year on year for Sony. Hardware sales saw a 17% increase year on year while Network Services Revenue was up 37% year on year. Packaged software was up 53% year on year no doubt helped by the fact that Uncharted 4 is the best selling PS4 game this year. All of these are very impressive numbers and Sony is still projecting to ship 20 million PS4’s by the end of their fiscal year. Also impressive is the fact that the PS4 is still tracking ahead of the PS2 at the same point in their lifecycle although it could soon fall behind.

With rumors of a PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo on the way and possible price cuts to the current PS4 Sony could very well hit that goal of 60 million by March 31, 2017. Time will tell but as of now It’s good to see the Games division doing so well for Sony. What do you think of their sales numbers? Tell us in the comments below.

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