6 Features We Want to See in the PS4 4.0 Update

Sony announced this past week that PS4 users can now sign up to test the upcoming PS4 4.0 system update. This test will start in early August and will hopefully bring some cool new features to the console. I wanted to list some features that I hope to see added in this update as many of them are very much needed.

1. Hide items in your Library

One of the most annoying things about going into my library on the PS4 is having to scroll through it and see all of these demo’s and beta’s that I’ve downloaded in the past and have since deleted. I like that on the Xbox One you can hide things in your games section and that feature needs to make its way over to the PS4. There are so many things I need to hide from my library so that it isn’t as cluttered.

2. Better Community Functionality

Sony added Communities to the PS4 a few updates ago and while it’s a neat feature there are several things that could be done to make them even better. For starters it would be nice if we could reply to posts in them and get a notification when someone does. As it stands now it’s kind of hard to keep track of a conversation in them. Also I’d like to see the ability to share video clips in them as well. An ability to list that you’re looking for certain people to play a game with would also be a cool feature to see.

3. Let us pick our favorite friends

Another cool feature that the Xbox One has that I’d love to see in the 4.0 update is the ability to select certain friends and list them as a favorite. That way they would be at the top of your friends list and be quick and easy to find when you want to interact with them.

4. External HDD Support

While this one is probably a long shot it’s something that many PS4 users have asked for. I have a 2TB HDD in my PS4 currently and I’m still constantly having to delete stuff to make room for other games. Letting PS4 owners go out and purchase external storage would be very helpful especially as gamers are moving more and more towards buying their content digitally. A 2TB HDD just isn’t enough anymore.

5. Trophy Tracking

A lot of PlayStation players love earning trophies while they are playing their favorite games. I’d love to see a trophy tracking feature added that would let you know how far towards a certain trophy you are. For example if a trophy asked you to kill 1,000 players online you would be able to go to that trophy and see a progress bar telling you how far towards earning it you are.

6. Game Gifting and Wish List on Console

I know a lot of people have asked for this including myself and that is the ability to buy and gift a game to another player and the ability to make a wish list on the PlayStation Store. Sony added the wishlist to the webstore but I’d love to see it added on the console itself. Letting us view the wishlists of others on the store and be able to surprise and gift them something on it would be awesome.

So there you have our 6 things we’d love to see in the 4.0 System Update coming soon to the PS4. Any of the above things would be great additions to the PS4 features so hopefully we’ll see some of them. We should be hearing about the upcoming features in the next week or two so check back for details. Tell us in the comments what features you want to see in the 4.0 System Update for PS4.

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