No Man’s Sky Reddit Mod’s Conspiracy Claims Early Copy is a Demo Copy, Original Seller Refutes

Update 2: The mod post is back but they now claim that the post was authored by anonymous sources

Update: The mod on Reddit has since removed the post.

It appears we’ve another major No Man’s Sky story to bring to you today. You probably know by now that a user got his hands on the game early and leaked gameplay and posted his impressions. The NMS subreddit went into disarray and we now have the latest developments.

Moderator’s conspiracy – *based on conjecture*

Let’s have a look at what we’ve found questionable and approach them objectively:


  • Game crashed constantly, Sean stated PS4 version crashed a lot so they used PCs copy on Colbert (?)
  • Leveling happened backwards, common devtool (?)
  • Ship was same used on demo copies (see images below)
  • Multi-tool was same used on demo copies (see images below)
  • Planets closer together for demo, maybe mentioned by Sean on demo (?)
  • Sean mentioned hundreds of hours needed to reach real center unaided, July 28th leak took 30hrs
  • Trophies awarded, but not visible in PSN trophies
  • The player never died
  • Ability to fast gain currency seems like devtool
  • Planets don’t get more alien towards the center to hide surprises in game release
  • How is he receiving messages from other players on psn playing an unreleased game, which probably wouldn’t work as there would probably be a block on playing it.
  • “All ships can do all things” meant for demo
  • Free fuel (devtool?)
  • Game breaking bugs found in game that are obvious, probably wouldn’t be found in “gold copy”
  • All planets seem to have some degree of life, contradicting the 90/10/10 rule.


  • Game suspiciously removed from package
  • Inner booklet same as Uncharted 4 inner booklet with old release date
  • Finger prints on disc suggest altered disk


  • (?) assumption: Sean Murray has asked people to not view the leaks, hinting towards him saying the copy being leaked is not final
  • Leaked videos being striked by Sony Interactive America (SIAE)
  • When loading a message that reads “Remember: Use of this software is subject to the Software Usage Terms at” appears. Possible to be part of a beta/test copy.

Possibility the disc is a stolen copy from:

  • E3
  • Japan (Dengeki) demo
  • Possible American demo that never happened
  • Other demos (I forget them all)

Image Proofs [SPOILERS]:



Booklet inside the case showing the old June 21 release date:

Original Seller

Gonna end all speculation and you all can choose to believe it or not. I sold the game and no it was not a “Testers Copy”. It was retail and I lucked up and purchased it. The game was opened when I purchased it. I bought it from a seller who put it up on eBay. He lived 90 minutes from me and we met. The game was opened and there was no leaflets so I took the NMS leaflet from another game I had and put it in the case. Never thought some could determine a fake from that lol.

Fellas I don’t know what else to say. Some or the rumors and accusations are mind-boggling. Some of he stories I’m reading from these gaming sites are totally false. I sold the game for $1250 plus shipping. My listing was for $2000 or obo.

This is it in a nutshell. I have a very good reputation over at Operation Sports and for those that know me know I’m a straight up honest guy who has always gotten games early off eBay/Craigslist or retail store that flat out sold the game.

I played the game for about an hour or so before the offer came in. I accepted and that’s how this all went down

I put the extra paper in when I shipped it. Amazing how so many want to discredit that it’s real. Amazing. I have over 10 years over at Operation Sports. No way I ruin my good name with a fake. Also I’m not in the business of scamming people for profit

It’s something that’s happened plenty of times where games have released early to some smaller stores and people have managed to get their hands on it early. In this situation, I’m inclined to side with the original seller but we’ll update you once we have more information.

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  1. Absolutely baffling that people do not understand how often this happens. For sports games like The Show and Madden it is celebrated on forums when people get the game early. This happens ALL the time. People can make a living by finding small stores who break street date and flippin copies of games on ebay or craigslist. There is no conspiracy. This is outrageous. He has a retail copy of the game. This happens all the time. Breaking street date is not new.

  2. What evidence is there that that guy is the original seller? Did he provide proof of purchase? What do you have to go on that he is the real deal?

  3. this is madness … the “Original Seller” has contradicted himself atleast 2 times if not more ……
    “I sold the game for $1250 plus shipping. My listing was for $2000 or obo” then stated “I’m a straight up honest guy” that dont seem honest and to prove what im saying he then later on stated “Also I’m not in the business of scamming people for profit” …. selling a $50-$60 game for $1250 to me says he`s a liar and a prick …. for me he can go suck and egg … fucking lying turd

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