Fans Share Their Concerns in the No Man’s Sky Subreddit Amid Report of Game-Breaking Bugs

I’ve loved browsing the No Man’s Sky subreddit for months now. Yes, some users could be overly passionate at times but it’s very rare to have seen so much hype and excitement surrounding one game. It’s been a treat to behold. Amid reports today from the user daymeeuhn of the bugs that riddle the game, the mood has taken a sharp turn.

Here’s just a few of the comments I picked up on as I was browsing the thread.

Thank you daymeeuhn. This is the moment the bubble has burst. NMS is no longer this game that is only in people’s imagination. It can no longer be this perfect game people’s dreams are riding on. Reality has hit. Now we have some real information, and can talk about the game critically.

Yeah, disappointing to say the least.

My hope is that maybe, just maybe someone in HG sees the bug reports and says “oh shit maybe we should Day 1 patch fix that” if they don’t already have it planned. You’ll see all the good stuff eventually yourself – but wouldn’t you rather the focus be on the BAD stuff before the game launches, to potentially give them time to fix it?

Fine tuning that could’ve been done in the 4 years of development? Don’t be delusional.

Never ever implied that. But a lot of games get damn near close, or are you just going off the wave of bad indie/AAA games in recent years? His game literally crashed his ps4 a multitude of times, pretty big bug if you ask me.

These aren’t minor bugs dude. They literally break the game.

Yeah no. A game souldn’t be crahing 20 times in 40 hours of gameplay.

This is literally damage control, again, don’t be delusional. See it for what it is, accept it, hope they patch it out. Does it make the game bad? No, but it makes it literally unplayable. Unfortunately though, most of my points I made earlier before the leaks are comming true. Oh well


On texture pop-in: It’s fine when you’re on foot but it’s rough when you’re flying around at surface level in your ship.

This sounds like the game is way more broken than I had anticipated unfortunately. I can feel the disappointment in your words, the game will probably end up being decent but people i think people really overestimated the planet/ mob variety and the amount of ‘crazy stuff’ you would be able to find on planets.

The way you described exploring planets as ‘monotony’ is the most disheartening thing and tells me a lot about how the game will play out. It seems like there is little actual substance to explore and planet hopping just turns into a resource grind to get to the centre. I was really hoping there would be more of an instinctive to explore planets than just farming resources.

Wow, this is kinda disappointing, especially some of those bugs

Holy shit. Not even two days.

Sean has a lot of explaining to do.


Yup, cancelled preorder

This is all great information and I hope HG reads it. This leak has been a very positive thing IMO. 

A lot of new threads have started popping up and continue to do so every minute sharing even more concerns for the game.

“Was the game tested properly”

We all know that Sean had a team of testers that consisted mostly of friends. Could it be with the latest information we received regarding all the bugs be the reason why the game seems very unfinished? Could it be a typical case of friends not wanting to be too harsh? Please don’t crucify me, I consider myself one of the most dedicated supporters of this game but since I’ve reading the posts describing how buggy the game is and how the game play seems incomplete and asymmetric I’m getting worried. I just hope the team can fix most of these bugs before the real launch takes place.

“The game is falling apart”

think back to a month ago. every post on the sub was about hype and excitement and everything that made NMS the best game ever and a game they really wanted to play. we expected a long challenge full of fun planet exploration, grinding to get stuff, and so many more possibilities. now, we’ve just seen a leak. the leak looked very nice, i’m not going to overlook that. the leak made me really want to play! but, there were some disappointing parts of the leaked gameplay of the FINAL BUILD of this 60 DOLLAR game that so many of us have bought and are going to be playing: the game lacks polish. you can break that tall rectangular prisim structure and, instead of falling, the peices that have not been broken, wether or not connected to anything, just float. creature walking is buggy as hell. when the little dogthing he found was walking around, it was jittering left and right constantly. when the pinapple thing was bouncing away, it literally glitched out of the cave. now, we’re hearing of a certain item that sells for so much that it “trivallized” units for a cretain player. don’t overlook this! this is definitley not a good thing! units and collecting things was one of the key selling points of this game for me and many, many others! the game is no longer that amazing IGN 21 minutes of gameplay demo for me anymore. it’s starting to seem like HG got too excited to finish this game by the second deadline they created for themselves, and are going to fail to deliver on the amazing game pitch they had once given.

“What this sub and many NMS fans are going through”

We need to be honest with ourselves, the leaks prove that we have been mislead.

Everything we have been shown in the trailers concerning what to expect from planets has been a lie. The leaker said that none of the planets have had anywhere near the amount of flora/ fauna and life that the trailers have shown. This is a deal breaker for me. I was really hoping that the worlds we explore would be as awesome as the trailers, but those worlds were obviously not randomly generated. They were created specifically for the trailer and we will never be able to find anything as interesting or beautiful as those. This, along with the other countless forms of misdirection from hello games very own Sean Murry is really unfortunate. I am sad 🙁

I’m guessing most of you have read daymeeuhn post. We all know the hype was too big and we would have let downs. However it’s not too late, let’s fix it before it releases. I really hope Hello Game realize the problems like the atlas stone + crashing. Let’s pray for 1 day patch.


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