Xbox One S Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Q: Is the new revised robot white controller included with all models of Xbox One S?
A: Yes, all the Xbox One S bundles come with the new controller (Bluetooth, grips, increased range)

Q: Does it come with the newest dashboard and 4K playback out of the box?
A: Not at launch, you will have to update the OS and apps to get 4K playback. Maybe as they manufacture more, Microsoft will start including the Anniversary Update in the box.

Q: Does 4K work for games and movies/tv shows/streaming?
A: True 4K only works for movies/tv shows/streaming. Games will upscale to 4K instead.

Q: What is HDR and what do I need?
A: HDR (High Dynamic Range) is basically more colours, better blacks, and better whites. Current technology (8-bit) only allows for 16 million colours. HDR is 10-bit and allows for 1 billion colours. More colours = more vibrant image rendered. Xbox One S uses the HDR10 open standard (which is also by far the most common standard), but not the Dolby Vision proprietary standard. Some TV models use only Dolby Vision and not HDR10, but some manufacturers like Vizio have issued software updates so that their Dolby Vision models (Series P and M) will support HDR10 (and thus supporting Xbox One S’ HDR standard). Also look for the UHD Premium sticker on the TV box, this means that the TV fully supports the HDR10 open standard. If it does not have the UHD Premium logo but says it does support HDR, make sure the HDR is HDR10.

Q: Do games need to support HDR for the feature to work, and if so, which games support HDR?
A: Yes, games need to support HDR, and so far only Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Scalebound have been announced to support HDR. You basically need three things for your eyeballs to see glorious rich colours: the source media to support HDR, the device said media is played on to support HDR, and the TV said device is plugged into to support HDR.

Q: Can you use an external HDD on the Xbox One S?
A: Yes, you can use any USB3.0 external HDD that is at least 256GB in size on the Xbox One S.

Q: Does my 4K cable box work on the Xbox One S in 4K?
A: I actually don’t know this, I just thought of this question as I was typing up this section of the OT. I would assume that the HDMI pass-through has been upgraded to support 4K cable boxes, we will find out for sure soon.

Q: Do I need to upgrade to the Xbox One S if I don’t have a 4K TV?
A: Like all things in life there is a scale you have to balance. Fortunately, the Xbox One S brings several improvements, meaning you can weigh and consider the various factors and see which ones mean more to you. If 4K is the only factor that matters to you, then no, you don’t need it!

Q: Does Xbox One S have any extra performance?
A: No. This is just a revision of the Xbox One.

Source: NeoGaf

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