The PS4 Is Still Actually Smaller Than The Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is being released tomorrow but those who have gotten it early have started posting pictures and size dimensions of the console. What comes as a surprise is that despite the fact Microsoft was able to make the Xbox One S a lot smaller it still is bigger than the launch PS4 that came out 3 years ago. You can find the exact size dimensions for both below:

Ps4: 30.3 depth x 27.6 width x ~5.4 height.

30.3 x 27.6 x 5.4 = 4516 cubic cm

XB1s: 23.3 depth x 30.4 with x 7 height.

23.3 x 30.4 x 7 = 4958 cubic cm

As you can see the Xbox One S is still wider and taller than the PS4. The only area is it smaller is depth. Overall PS4 still comes out being smaller. This is a testament to just how good of engineers Sony has that their 3 year old console is still smaller than the Slim Xbox One. Pictures of the two can be deceptive and make the Xbox One S look smaller but the actual dimensions say otherwise. Regardless Microsoft deserves credit for getting it a lot smaller and getting rid of the power brick.

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