Publications Might Not Receive No Man’s Sky Advanced Copies Prior to Launch

Update: OpenCritic has taken to Twitter again to elaborate further and correct some details from their original tweet.



This breaking news comes from a tweet recently posted by OpenCritic. The review aggregator tweeted that they had contacted several publications and that they’ve heard back that they won’t be receiving review codes for No Man’s Sky prior to launch. You can make of this what you will; some might see it as a cause for concern but 2016’s DOOM stands as a game that adopted such a method and still came out with largely positive reviews, despite similar doubts over the lack of pre-launch reviews.

This is a rumour for now but OpenCritic is a trusted site and we’ll update you when and if we get more information on this developing story.

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  1. Wtf they need to stop tweeting altogether. They say they learned their lesson, and then continue to tweet about nuanced info, with little to no perspective on the situation.

  2. Bloody hell, just use TwitLonger or link to a blog or something.

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