Second No Man’s Sky Stream Emerges, Mixed Reactions Ensue

No Man’s Sky is officially out in the wild. We’ve had quite a lot of details today from someone who paid $1300 to get the game early and now a second streamer has emerged. Where did he get his copy you ask? Well, it seems he bought it off a shelf in Wal-Mart. The stream is currently live on Twitch which you can find by searching for the user “kengi01”

However, people are not responding kindly to what they’re seeing. Following the derailment of the official subreddit today, many watchers have flooded into the chat to confess their disappointment. Many say the game looks boring and that the interiors all look the same. There’s plenty to be seen in there but the overall impression seems to be negative. Users also pointed at graphics and texture pop-in for points of criticism. There are some positive voices in there but at the time they’re being drowned out by the people having a negative reaction and those just spamming the chat.




This is a developing situation so stop by the stream yourself or stay tuned here for more updates soon!

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  1. anyone expecting a masterpiece out of this game should have paid more closely to the footage of the game….there’s absolutely nothing at all enticing about this game other than just random exploration of planets that are pretty much the same with a few aesthetic exceptions.

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