Cloudgine Believes Most Games Will Utilise Cloud Computing “Within Five Years”

“The term ‘Cloud Gaming’ has been on the tech radar for a while now but it has never really taken off and it has generated a lot of scepticism in the games industry. Why? We strongly believe that the main reason was the lack of unique and ground-breaking game experiences specifically crafted for a distributed Cloud environment.” This is the belief of Cloudgine, the company helping to power Crackdown 3’s unprecedented destruction.

Maurizio Sciglio recently gave an interview to the BBC in which he affirms where he thinks cloud gaming is going in the near-future. Maurizio co-founded Cloudgine with the goal of demonstrating that Cloud Gaming can really be “The Next Big Thing” for the games industry.

Crackdown is marketed by Microsoft as a major release for its Xbox One, and will serve as the acid test for server-enhanced gaming. If successful, it could pave the way for more projects that take a similar approach.

Mr Sciglio is, of course, bullish about its prospects: “We think in one way or another, most games will be using cloud computing within five years.

He adds that, for the past six months, his team has been applying the tech to an unannounced virtual reality (VR) game.

“VR is a technology that is even more relevant for us, because it demands so much – 90 frames-per-second, stereo rendering. You’re putting so much pressure on your local device. We feel cloud computing can help greatly in this area. We haven’t announced anything yet, but we’re working on a high-profile virtual reality game.

Sources: BBC

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