What Is Crytek Up To?

Many people may have forgotten about a little company known as Crytek. They have worked on several games such as the original Far Cry, the Crysis series, and the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome. The company has been quiet since 2013 when Crysis 3 and Ryse came out. So what exactly is Crytek up to?

Many suspect the company hasn’t released any news on new projects because they faced bankruptcy in 2014 due to their move into free to play games. Luckily Amazon supposeily paid out 50 million dollars in a joint deal over the CryEngine software. This may have been what saved the company from going under. So now what? Is the company working on a new game. Nobody really knows or seems to care. However recently Crytek is seeming to be leading up to an announcement at Gamescom as the CryEngine twitter page replied to a question about any announcements at Gamescom. The tweet read, “We’ll be at Gamescom to show something, yes.” So what exactly is crytek going to announce? Many want a new Crysis game and some want a new Ryse game. But which is it? Or is it a new IP? It’s hard to say as both installments were released in 2013. We here at ThisGenGaming will keep you guys updated if anymore news comes out of Crytek.

What would you like Crytek to announce? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Everyone forgot about Crytek because Crysis 2 & 3 are bollocks and you know it. Whoever was in charge of these games is a muppet.

    Here is my thoughts, opinions, and ideas about a possible Crysis 4:

    Crysis 4 summary: The nanosuit has been very much taken over by the Ceph’s bio-technology,
    and in order to keep on living, the suit has developed its own artificial personality. The Ceph knew that the body inside the suit died, so they took the nanosuit as a piece of hardware when they found it dead (it was only deactivated). The Ceph put the nanosuit in a cargoship as they did not know that the nanosuit had developed an artificial intelligence. As the Ceph cargoship gets attacked,
    the nanosuit awakens and breaks out — only to find itself lost in an alien jungle on the Ceph homeplanet! Because of the fact that the nanosuit is now half-Ceph, its new suit power is the Ceph Thought, which allows the player to telekinetically fly for a short while (this drains suit-power) like in an anti-gravity environment (you can rotate with Q&E), and the nanosuit can now telekinetically pick up and throw objects with its Ceph Thought (this drains suit-power).

    What Crysis 4 needs:

    (1)The ability to drop weapons with the J key.

    (2)The ability to lean with Q&E.

    (3)The ability to prone with Z.

    (4)The ability to go into boxxing mode.

    (5)Bring back strength mode.

    (6)Bring back speed mode.

    (7)All of the guns from the previous games (Crysis 1; Crysis Warhead; Crysis 2; Crysis 3).

    (8)Flashlight attachments for weapons.

    (9)Enemies spawn in different locations everytime you replay the level, and it chooses different types of enemies.
    Nobody likes scripted events nor predictability.

    (10)At least 20 levels.

    (11)Groundstomp by pressing the crouch button while in the air (the C key).

    (12)Ubiqitous dynamic physics system (objects break likewith Digital Molecular Matter).

    (13)Enemies patrol the entire map.

    (14)Save whenever you want like in Crysis 1.

    (15)Game chooses random events to happen during the levels, it could be a storm, earthquake, or flooding.
    Or nothing could happen at all … lucky you.

    (16)Nanosuit integrates with vehicles;
    speed mode makes the vehicle drive faster;
    cloak makes the vehicle silent and invisible;
    armor mode makes the vehicle tougher;
    strength mode brings more control to the steering of the vehicle and allows cars to jump with their shocks.

    (17)The sprint-sliding from Crysis 2 & 3 (Shift+C).


    (19)Large rocks on the ground are no longer stagnant,
    but are instead tough yet completely destructable objects.

    (20)You can pick up broken pieces of objects just like in Crysis 1

    (21)Crysis needs more enemies.
    When you go ANYWHERE in any of the games,
    you walk into a room and kill a few guys and the fight is done with.
    This game literally needs 10 times the enemies that it has,
    and this is irrefutable because of the way that the game is designed,
    whatwith the enemies dying in one shot and all, which is fine because it makes the guns feel great,
    except the game still needs more enemies if they’re going to be so easily killable.

    (22)Make it so that flammable objects can catch fire, and spread it to other flammable objects.

    (23)Bring back the day/night cycle that Crysis 1 had,
    except make the daytime 24 minutes, and make the nighttime 24 minutes.

    (24)Make it so that enemies can swim–and if they stay under water too long then they drown.

    (25)Bring back blowdarts.

    (26)Bring back the ‘Hunter’s Bow’ from Crysis 3, but allow us to drop it if we want to.

    (27)Controlled (as in non-automatic) ledgegrab — grab the ledge by jumping up to it
    and then pressing the F key (which is the grab object key), and let go by pressing F again.
    Allow us to hang on the edge and move left and right with A and D,
    and we can lift ourselves onto the ledge by pressing the forward key (W).

    (28)Keep it so that we can grab enemies by the throat and use them as meatshields,
    and then throw them when their usefulness has expired.

    (29)Bring it back so that we can shoot the driver in the car and he’ll die (like in Crysis 1).

    (30)Bring back the old animation for when tires are blownoff when they get shot.
    It was so much better looking in Crysis 1 than it is in Crysis 2 & 3.

    (31)Make the nanosuit look less like a gorilla. The old one was perfect. The only problem with it was that it was too dark. Instead of black, make its colors a mix of: Bright silver, dull grey, and red (for the thrusters and visor). This not only looks infinitely better, but it only makes sense whatwith the nanosuit being half-Ceph.

    (32)Bring it back so that we pickup weapons and weapon ammo with the F key.
    Bring back the animation for picking up weapons and ammo like in Crysis 1.

    (33)Bring back the hovercraft from Crysis Warhead.

    (34)Bring back dual-wielding pistols.

    (35)Bring back the giant maps with lots of paths to take, outposts to ambush, and vehicles to drive.

    (36)Bring back the old suit menu (hold mouse-wheel to open and choose between suit powers).

    (37)Bring back the old weapon-melee animations (T key).

    (38)Bring back the old Sprint animation. The holding-the-gun-to-the-chest run is awful.

    (39)Make the guns thin and sleek like they used to be. The new Crysis guns take up too much of the screen and look like Nerf toys. They’re too plump and have distracting lights and random designs on them which aren’t even appealing.

    (40)PLEASE calm down on the audio. Crysis 2 & 3 assault your ears with a cacophony of bullshit that amounts to nothing more than deep base explosions. It sounds like Crytek recorded the Crysis 2 & 3 audio in the public shithouse.

    (41)Allow us to modify the brightness, gamma, and constrast. One of the nice things about Crysis was its subtle play between light and dark — it was easy on the eyes. Crysis 2 & 3 have extremely high constrast; it’s either too dark to see, or ugly-bright.

    (42)Bring it back so that we can prone (Z) and crouch (C) while in the gun-modification menu.
    Make it so that we can jump (spacebar) while in the gun-modification menu.

    (43)Make it so that the nanosuit integrates with guns:
    strength mode holds the gun steady like it used to;
    speed mode gives quicker reload and makes automatic guns fire faster.

    (44)Make it so that we can hold a guard (block with weapon or fists) that protects us by holding the Tab key.

    (45)Update the artificial intelligence with an advanced system such as the Euphoria AI.


    What Crysis 4 absolutely should not have:

    (1)That honeycomb marker that tells you where to go.

    (2)Constant dialogue blabbering in your head.

    (3)In-level cutscenes (–this is out of control.

    (4)Tutorial messages (–if you need to know the controls, open the menu.

    (5)Entire levels of just plain boring scripted events.

    (6)Difficulty settings (–seriously, this is why people think Crysis sucks, because they play it on easy mode, and by the way “Post-Human Warrior” isn’t hard. Difficulty settings ruin games–period; difficulty settings are just lazy game creators’ solution for their poor design choices.

    (7)The binoculars which highlight & tag objects.

    (8)Tutorials (–you’re digging your grave with this one.
    Let us have fun and explore … let us figure out how to play the game, which is part of the experience.

    (9)The map on the left side of the screen.

    (10)Portal-lookalike turrets that are in Crysis 3. What is this, Worms Mayhem?

    (11)Those annoying fugly glowing lines that appear around an object when you look at it.

    (12)The awareness meter.

    (13)Long stretches of walking where there isn’t any enemies.

    (14)Waiting for characters to open doors.

    (15)Those messages that tell you what to do. NO, I’m not going to use THOSE binoculars,
    and I’m not gonna press “F” to look, and you don’t need to tell me to press C to groundstomp.
    For fucks sakes the entire game has become a cinematic tutorial.

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