5 Games That We Doubt Are Coming to Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One This Year

Backwards compatibly was one of the highlights of E3 2015. Recently the list of games has grown to hundreds, with forum requests everywhere polling people’s requests for the next games that they want.  Below is a list of games that we doubt will be coming to Xbox One this year…or perhaps never.


Elder Scrolls Skyrim

This game tops the list primarily due to the HD release that is coming later this year.  Skyrim will most likely not become backwards simply due to Bethesda not wanting to hurt sales of their re-release in HD of one of the best games I’ve ever played.  I believe the potential fallout in the fact that console gamers would need to pay a full price, where PC players will get for free, may force them to offer a backwards compatible option later, but for the time being we won’t be seeing it.  I for one have supported Bethesda and their gaming catalog for years, but will not be throwing down another $60 just to replay a game in HD – when in my opinion the game runs fantastic as is.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Currently on the top of everyone’s list for wanting on One – this is yet another game that will probably not come out this year due to the HD remake bundled with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Similar controversy of sorts with Skyrim may force them in the future – the fact that you can only get the remastered Modern Warfare if you purchase the Special Edition of Infinite – to stave off the potential sales dip in the Special Edition.  Unfortunately the fan base for the COD series is so large, that this will become a non-issue, and a backwards compatible may fall further away as most will have purchased the remastered.



This game already has a current generation version out, even with updated gameplay such as first person instead of third.  Since the game exists on One – that alone should point out his game may never get backwards compatible.  Once again, it would be nice if Rockstar took charity and offered it to those (such as myself, day one purchase) who already have it for 360.  I believe any backwards compatible work will be done on another Rockstar title, especially with the new release of Red Dead Redemption for the program.


Dead Island

Another game that had a remastered edition done this past May, Dead Island’s zombie hunting probably won’t make it to the backward compatible library anytime soon.  With a sequel announced for later this year, it is possible this might make the cut, but again – resources are probably towards polishing up the second game, than making the first backwards compatible.  Combined with the luke warm reception to the game, it would take a lot of fan pressure to force a backwards compatible version.


Mass Effect 2

My personal favorite of the series, this one would seem a lock for backwards compatibility – especially because the first game already is in the library.  But with Andromeda on the horizon, even though it was pushed back, this might hurt the chances of seeing it anytime soon.  My thinking that developmental time is spread on polishing and putting the finishing touches on their new game, would hurt any chances for current options to be offered.  It would be nice if 2 and even 3 would be made available, but we might get an HD remake package instead.  The is especially true because ME1 was one of the first games made available by the program, and almost a year later there has been no talk of bringing any others into the fold.

How are you enjoying backwards compatibility?  Have you visited the Xbox forum post and made your vote for the game you want most? Post your comments below on what games you have enjoyed most, and what ones you would like to see come out.  And as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry.

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