Download Poker Prominence and Happy Dungeons Today, Two New Free-to-Play Games on Xbox One

Free-to-Play games are ever becoming more prominent on the new-gen consoles and Xbox One users can now download two new games free-of-charge. Poker Prominence comes from 505 games. Prominence is a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons, as players go heads-up against four factions and play their way solo to a final showdown with “The Mayor”– the mysterious town founder.

Developed by veterans of World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, Prominence Poker delivers an underground poker experience where your rep is all you’ve got and one hand can make all the difference.


•    Single Player “Story Mode” – Enter the town of Prominence as just another tourist looking to strike it rich, start off grinding away in the Decker Casino
•    Cunning Faction Leaders – Face-off against unscrupulous and colorful characters, build the reputation and bankroll needed to challenge each boss
•    Outplay Opponents – Wage big bets in high stakes poker against other crafty gamblers in ring, tournament and heads-up multiplayer modes
•    Underground Gambling – Earn your way to backroom games, from the Renegade Biker Bar to the sketchy laundromat
•    Play against AI Thugs and Bosses to earn reputation with Prominence’s colorful affiliations
•    Bluff Your Enemies – Read the strength of your opponent hand’s with subtle gestures including speed of play, frequency of card checks and more
•    Build Your Rep – Hone your poker skills with each hand played and unlock emotes, special items, prestige and more!
•    3D Character Creator – Customize your avatar from head-to-toe with facial, hair, body and clothing combinations to create your poker alter ego with infinite character variations

Happy Dungeons is a free-to-play Action RPG. Brave exciting dungeons with up to 4 players and collect 1,000+ unique character customization items.

Happy Dungeons is a hilariously fun Action RPG that can be played by 4 people either online or in local co-op.

The game is Free-to-Play and allows you for a wide variety of customization from skills to face parts. Enjoy it with friends and family either online or on the couch!

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