Sean Murray Reassures Fans Amid Reports of Game-Breaking Bugs That an Update is Coming

It’s been quite a turbulent week for Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. Although it all started with a man who paid $1300 to get the game early, copies seem to out in more people’s hands now and it seems new streams pop up every night. We reported on this fiasco as it went down explaining the bugs to our readers.

Well, Sean Murray, beloved by fans of No Man’s Sky and gamers in general, broke his Twitter silence to provide fans with some reassuring news.

There’s no saying whether the specific game-breaking bugs will be rectified by this update, after all, the tweet doesn’t refer to them specifically but it goes a long way in reassuring fans.

In case you missed what those bugs were, the reddit user babybigger created a post on Reddit explaining the situation in a little more detail.

A second player is now getting multiple crashes on the PS4.

The person who played many hours (about 45 hours) reported that the game sometimes crashed during space flight (daymeeuhn). He had like 10 crashes in the first 30 hours of gammeplay.

Now, another streamer (retrodigital on twitch) is experiencing the same crashes of the game, during space flight. He posted in chat that was crashing, FYI.

I guess we will see on launch, but it looks like the game was shipped with some serious bugs. We can only hope HG is working hard to patch these. It would be good for HG to confirm a Day 1 patch.


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