Casual Games that Can Make you Rich – If You are Lucky

The majority of casual games you can play today on your smartphone are based on luck. Take Candy Crush, for example – whenever you match three or more pieces of candy, other – randomly selected – pieces fall into their place. To win any round, you’ll have to be lucky enough for the right candy to fall into the right place – which you often aren’t. This randomness makes Candy Crush a game where luck has almost as big a role to play as in a slot machine.

Reactors played to win

Actually, these reactor-style games (where pieces disappear from the screen, allowing others to fall into their place) have a lot in common with slot machines. So much, that several fo the games you can play at the All Slots Casino Australia have the same feature included into their mechanic. There are differences, of course. But games like the Sports Star Series, among the most successful games at the All Slots Casino, are built around this “reactor” functionality: when the reels stop at a winning combination, the symbols involved disappear from the screen, allowing others to fall into their place. And if you are lucky, they can make you rich.

Casual riches

How rich, you might ask? Well, it depends a lot on the game. To stick with the All Slots Casino: its most generous game, called Mega Moolah, has a top prize worth the order of millions. While it’s not the easiest to win, it pays out with a certain regularity – about once every three months, according to real money gaming authority website CasinoListings. The last time it paid out an eight-figure win was about six weeks ago, turning a very lucky player into a very rich person.

How much do game publishers make?

The real money gaming industry is vast and quite secretive. Thus, it’s not easy to learn about the All Slots Casino’s global revenues – especially since it’s run by a privately owned company. But things are different when it comes to social game of chance developers, like

According to the numbers published by Think Gaming, , Candy Crush is the most successful game over at, generating daily revenues of over $600,000 – on the iPhone alone, and in the US alone. And this amazing amount is still far behind Pokémon GO, the current sweetheart of most mobile gamers, with revenues worth over $1.8 million a day. But Candy Crush has been around for more than four years, with the same business model. And the number of people it has made rich in these years is limited to the owners, shareholders, and executives of

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