Keyboard Shortcuts Listed for Xbox One, Could be Preparation for Mouse and Keyboard Support

With the anniversary update and the now-near-complete merger of the Xbox and Windows store interface, many UWP (universal windows platform) apps have started showing up on the Xbox One. Browsing reddit is now made possible with Baconit and viewing the weather is now made possible with Windows’ weather UWP app.

A feature that Xbox execs have talked about on numerous occasions is the implementation of mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One. Of course, this wouldn’t manifest itself in PVP FPS games but for CO-OP, RTS and similar gaming scenarios it could be a very welcome feature and could see a lot of PC-oriented games being brought to the Xbox One. At the moment, this is still in the early stages but we can only assume this is in preparation for mouse and keyboard support; something that’s been heavily hinted at for Xbox One.


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