5 Fascinating Reasons Why You Should Be Sold On Mafia III

The previous 2 games in the series have been incredible to say the least, and I have no doubt in my mind that the latest will be right up there near the top as a game to remember. You are put in the shoes of a Vietnam war veteran, Lincoln Clay. Placing you in New Orleans, you quickly find out the difference between what a family really is. I really hope this game manages to stick to the hype it’s received since Mafia II (which was a great game in my books). So, why should you be sold on Mafia III?

Different Ways To Complete A Mission

This is something that we’re seeing more and more during the release of games, and sometimes it’s rarely done properly. The objective of the demo we saw earlier this year was to infiltrate a nightclub that was owned and ran by a local mobster with the intention of killing him. The player of the demo decided to go for a more stealthy route, but this isn’t the only approach you can take as 2K Games have said you can do things like interrogate members of his crew, go out in a rage of violence or get your friends to do your dirty work (including Vito Scaletta!).

Lincoln Clay facing two enemies as he holds the signature M1A1 Thompson

You’re Likely To Always Be Hunted

Picture yourself as Clay, you’ve just won over a mob hideout and you’re trying to lay low but people know exactly who to look for. Once you’ve taken over the hideout, you’re going to have the rival family chasing you all over New Orleans which ensures no dull moments will occur as you’ll always be doing something. This might not be a huge benefit for some players who like an open-world game like this to have some sort of natural rhythm but that will still be there, you just have to be careful.

Wire-Tapping Is A Benefit

When in one of the huge parts of the island, you’ll be given districts which are all equally different but one of Lincoln’s best abilities? Wire-tapping. If you’re unaware of what this is, you are essentially able to listen into the conversations through a phone of a tapped line. This can be incredibly beneficial for the player as a click of the analogue stick will bring up Lincoln’s ‘Intel Vision’, showing you how many enemies are in the area and where they are, as well as any important enemies however you’ll only be able to do this if a wiretap is present so take advantage of this.

Some missions will have different consequences during different times

2K Are Reclaiming The Glory Of The Mafia Games

Bill Harms, lead writer, said “As a writer, I didn’t want to go back to the world and tell the same kind of rags to riches story, or a guy working his way up from the bottom,”

“We are going to try and find a different twist on that and a different spin to it, which is where I think having [Lincoln] being a different type of mobster came in. The other thing that really came to play: this goes back to the time period. We did a ton of research for this game. Before we ever wrote a word, hours and hours of research went into this. One of the things that we all came away with is that in the 60s, it was kind of the end of the golden age of the Italian mob. Before that, people didn’t really even acknowledge that the Italian mob existed. If they did, it was, ‘Well they’re just a social club, they’re good for the neighborhood.’”

This is brilliant to me, as not only are there very few Mafia related games that have actually been fun, but these guys have actually put hard research into everything before starting, it won’t be a game like The Godfather, it’ll be after the golden days and it’ll be incredible.

The Game Will Be Huge

Mafia III will be set in New Orleans, having nine separate districts and many different kinds of areas where you’ll face missions and such.

“There’s crime run out of the Bayou, but it doesn’t have the same structure as some of the other districts, where they’re running kind of a criminal enterprise out of it … You go to the Bayou to do a lot of damage to some of the other rackets that rely on the area. [For example,] there’s a moonshining racket in one of the districts, and you can go to the Bayou to hunt down and destroy some of the stills–because that’s where they’ve hidden the stills.”

Mafia II boasted incredible cars, and Mafia III says it’ll do better

So what are your thoughts on Mafia 3? Are you excited? Did you enjoy the last two? Let us know down below in the comments, and stay tuned for more articles on ThisGenGaming!

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