Users Reporting No Man’s Sky Crashing Even After The Day Zero Update

When No Man’s Sky leaked early and a user on Reddit posted their first impressions, they complained that the game was crashing on PS4 at certain moments. Here’s what the situation was like for the two early streamers:

The person who played many hours (about 45 hours) reported that the game sometimes crashed during space flight (daymeeuhn). He had like 10 crashes in the first 30 hours of gammeplay.

Now, another streamer (retrodigital on twitch) is experiencing the same crashes of the game, during space flight. He posted in chat that was crashing, FYI.
Users have taken to Twitter since the game launched in the US to complain of similar crashing.

It’s not clear how widespread this issue is but we’ll be waiting to see if Hello Games respond to this and make a fix in their next update. For now, ThisGenGaming has compiled a list of the errors and potential fixes which you can find here so make sure to stick to ThisGenGaming for the latest news!

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  1. This had so much hype behind it but seems they couldn’t deliver a thing for the PC gamers. You cant even get past the Hello games logo splash without it crashing xD

  2. I have no crash, until i downloaded update 1,03 and 1,04. After that on water planet, crash in air.

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