No Man’s Sky – Best Ways to Make Money

On your voyage through the massive universe of No Man’s Sky you’re going to be needing a lot of Units to afford better ships and equipment. So I thought I’d put a little guide together to help point you in the direction of some good ways to make those Units.

Find Atlas Stones

Atlas Stones can be found on Atlas Stations and they sell for a huge amount of money. Be sure to be on the lookout for these.

Vortex Cubes

Vortex Cubes sell for a hefty amount of units and I’m talking more than 20K each. If you find a planet with these on it you may have hit the gold mine.


I only recommend this method if you can find some lone ships and even then there can be consequences. Destroying lone ships will grant you their cargo but could end up lowering your standing with various factions.

Look for Chests on Planets

While scanning planets be on the lookout for gray chest icons. These usually contain a good amount of materials that can be sold for a decent price.

Look for Resource Rich Planets

When you land on a planet it will tell you whether it is “Resource Rich”. These planets are filled with minerals and materials you can fill up on, take back to sell, and then re visit and repeat.

Upload your discoveries

Make sure to scan everything you come across as everything you discover can be uploaded to earn you easy Units. Just press the options button after scanning something and click on the tile with the discovery and hold square to upload to earn your Units.

Those are just a few of my early thoughts on some ways to earn some easy money. Check back soon for more No Man’s Sky Guides and the full review soon.

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