No Man’s Sky Elements and Resources Guide

I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky for quite awhile now and while I’m not ready to review it yet I thought it would be a good idea to put a handy little guide together for those of you who may need some help. This guide covers the different resources and elements that you can find in the game that you’ll need to craft things, fuel your ship and more. There are many places to find what you’re looking for so take a look if you need to know the location of something.


  • Carbon – If you’re in need of some carbon it can be found in plants found on many planets. Carbon is pretty easy to come across so you should have no problem finding it to help power your suit and ship.
  • Plutonium – Plutonium is yet another source of fuel that you can use if your suit is low on power or your weapon as well. You’ll also learn early in the game that you can use it to power your launch thrusters on your ship and of course it’s needed to craft certain things as well.
  • Thamium9 – Thamium9 is something you’re going to need if you want to get anywhere in a hurry. That is because it is used to fuel your ships Pulse Drive that allows you to really speed up your time of travel anywhere. It is the hardest Isotope to come across though. If you need it it can be found in asteroids as well as spiky red flowers found on various planets.


  • Heridium – Heridium is something you’ll need if you want to craft certain technology, upgrades, and perks. Luckily it isn’t too hard to find so if you’re on a planet look out for holographic cubes. It can be found in them.
  • Chrysonite – Chrysonite can be found in blue crystal formation. It too can be used to craft upgrades and perks.
  • Platinum – You’ll be needing Platinum to craft exosuit, spaceship, and multi-tool perks so be on the lookout for blue plants on your travels.


  • Iron – Iron is something that is used in many, many things but it’s also one of the easiest to find whether your on a planet or in space. While on any planet you can get it from pretty much any rocks you see. In space just use your ship cannon to blow some asteroids apart to get it. Again when your in your inventory you’ll see you need it for many things so make sure to keep a good supply.
  • Titanium – Titanium can be found in yellow crystal like formations found on various planets. If you know a hot planet off hand it’s probably your best place to look. You’ll be needing it for some of the more advanced upgrades in the game.
  • Zinc –  You’ll be using Zinc to power your exosuit and replenishing your hazard protection. Be on the look out for yellow flowers if you’re in need.


  • Terumin – To create the alloy Terumin you’re first going to need to find a recipe. Terumin is used to make freighters and is good for selling if you need Units.
  • Lemmium – Pretty much the same as Terumin in that you’ll need to find the recipe before you can make it. It too is valuable for selling and for making freighters.
  • Magmox – Magmox is one of the rarest things to come across and can be sold for a HUGE amount of Units.
  • Herox –  Herox like the other alloys can be sold for a good amount but since it is used in more things than any of the other alloys you’ll probably want to use it on something.

Neutral Elements

  • Copper – Copper is used to craft various perks and items and can be found in many rock formations as well as asteroids in the atmosphere.
  • Aluminum – Pretty much used for and found in the same places as Copper
  • Gold – Gold is valuable for selling but I think that goes without selling. Look for golden rock formations to harvest some.
  • Emeril – Found only in rocks on planets. Again used to craft many items.
  • Nickel – If you need some nickle you can find it in asteroids and also by feeding animals on planets. Yeah that’s a strange place to find it but there you go.
  • Iridium – Iridium is another very valuable Element like Gold. It can be found in rock formations on planets as well as in Thamium asteroids.

Precious Elements

  • Calium – Calium is yet another thing you can obtain by feeding animals. You can also buy it from markets.
  • Omegon – Start feeding those animals again if you want some Omegon. It’s yet another rare and valuable Element that can be sold to make you a good amount of Units.
  • Radnox – Another Element that fetches a high price. Look for it in rock formations on various planets.

I hope this guide helps you in finding what you need and making it a little easier to keep track of everything. Now get out there and explore more planets.

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