Avoid Gaming In A Cesspit, With The Magic Of Bribery

One thing that all the best games have in common is the ability to lose yourself in them. We’ve all been in the position where we have a day free and around 11am we think “Well, I’ll just have an hour and a half on the PC before lunch”. We emerge, some hours later, blinking and hungry. Where did the time go? We don’t know. We’re not sure we care. Head to the toilet, and we can just get another half-hour in before dinner. Oh look, it’s bedtime.

Good games are addictive, which is their blessing and their curse. Because at some point, you do have to do other things. And, unless you want your home to be declared an unsafe zone by Environmental Health, you need to keep things ordered. You probably don’t want to, but unless we want to return to the caves, civilization is essential. So you may need to bribe yourself to keep things tidy.

  1. No Cleaning, No Gaming



If you’ve got a sweet setup for gaming, it’s entirely possible to eat, work and watch TV from your desk. Kudos. But this also means that we accumulate all the mess from those things around our station. Over just a day or two that can get untidy. Over a week, it can get biohazard-y. Implement a rule: Until your gaming area is clean and tidy, no play. It’s not what you WANT to do, but it will stop you getting E.Coli, so there’s that.

  1. Get Yourself A New Gaming Station



New things are always a source of pride. You want to invite friends around to see them, you want to prize them like precious artefacts. If you’ve been using the same old desk for years, the incentive to keep it clean can be limited. Consider your gaming desk options and get the setup you want, on the understanding that you keep it like the altar to gaming that it should be. Get at least a few good years from it.

  1. Only Have Things You Need Now In The Room

It’s tempting to strap yourself in for a day’s gaming by bringing a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches in there. If you have your phone, a microwave and laptop there, the incentive to move goes away. And if you bring a bucket in there, then you’re beyond help. Seriously, stop reading this. Keep the things you’ll need during the day where they should be.

The more you hoard, the more mess will accumulate. The longer it will take to clean, too. Give yourself a reason to get up, go and get something, and take the existing mess with you. Yes, it cuts into your gaming time, but so will a skin infection.


Great games are absorbing and, when we have the free time, a bit of a binge can be fun. No-one has a problem with watching back-to-back seasons of Breaking Bad, so there’s no reason to be ashamed of a gaming binge. You just need to make sure that you’re not getting so absorbed that your place becomes a pigsty.

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