No Man’s Sky Players Are Asking For And Are Getting Refunds

After the disastrous PC launch of No Man’s Sky, players have taken to twitter to announce they are planning to or have actually been given a refund for No Man’s Sky. Here are some of the tweets.


Have you asked for a refund for No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. The game doesn’t even start. I get the title screen from Hello Games and then it crashes.
    Their support and communication is terrible to say the least. The fact that they’re blaming this on people not having updated drivers while 65% of the Steam customers are getting crashed games is ridiculous.

    I refunded the game and Steam gave me back my money an hour later.

  2. I tried to get my money back from Steam and couldn’t as I went over the 2 hour mark. It can take over 2 hours just to get your ship fixed which is basically part of the first mission. Thats without the game issues many are having. It took me 4 hours to get off the 1st planet. The worse part is that trying to deal with the game issue. You factor in dealing with those game issues to trying to learn and play the game and those 2 hours pass real quite. Quit frankly 2 hours is exremely short and nothing in games nowadays. Its really sad that Steam has 2 hours as their main part of their Refund Policy. Whats worse about Steam is they have no Live Support at all. Steam Support rejects them like they are just Bots if you are over 2 hours. With this game having all these issues and being a time hog by design, by the time many may just give up on it they will have no chance to get a Refund on it. In fact many are being denied Refunds by Steam. You can just read the Steam Forums for No Mans Sky and see this. No Mans Sky is just a game many will just have to chaulk up as a loss.

    Some are liking the game though. Mostly those that can miraculouslyplay it. The rest of us have to just wait and see if they can fix it. It is a console port for sure though. The controls for the ship clearly show that. Has to be the worse control setup for any vehicle in any game ever. LOL

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