Sean Murray Says He Was “Perhaps Naive” in Saying No Man’s Sky Won’t Have Paid DLC

It’s been pointed out that Sean Murray can sometimes switch stances on information provided on No Man’s Sky and it seems as if the interview he gave saying No Man’s Sky won’t have paid DLC was “naive.” It was only last week that we reported on the story that Sean Murray said No Man’s Sky won’t have paid DLC in our article “Sean Murray Says No Man’s Sky Will Not Have Paid DLC, Just Patches”

If you missed that article, here’s what Murray told Redbull in an interview concerning the future of the game.

“One thing you won’t see however, is the studio exploiting that with micro-transactions. Murray is adamant on this point. “We do want to add a ton of features, like we’ve just discussed: Freighters, bases, these type of things. But we want to do it for free. You’ve paid for the game, so you should get this stuff without paying even more money. So no, there will be no paid DLC, just patches.

Yes, that’s a quote directly from Sean Murray; “there will be no paid DLC, just patches.”

Well in an interview with the Daily Star Online Murray has now changed positions. Murray told the Daily Star Online that he was “perhaps naive” for suggesting No Man’s Sky will only have free updates.

“When pushed on whether the game will always remain free, Murray couldn’t categorically rule out paid for DLC further down the line, explaining that it could happen if “Maybe in the future there’s some reason why we just couldn’t possibly afford to do a certain feature without charging for it”.

With the game already appearing to be a commercial success for Hello Games, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be forced to introduce paid DLC and go back on what Murray said about free patches. How do you feel about this? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: DailyStar

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  1. Is this fool capable of telling the truth about anything?

    • The answer is probably at the center of the multiverse, paid DLC expansion pack

      • the centre is nothing u just get teleported to another galaxy you dont even see the centre this game is bs he thought by the time the centre was discovered he would fade away.

        • No point in spoiling idiot.

          • There’s nothing to spoil idiot its just rinse repeat what you do in the “tutorial” all they do is swap the colours around.

    • Wow there’s so many of you playing!

  2. the world’s greatest liar

    • not the worlds greatest. Hillary takes that Trophy, hes up there though.

      • not the worlds greatest. Trump takes that trophy, hes up there though. Fixed it for ya.

        • Hahaha that’s a good joke.

          • No, the joke is you not believing it.

          • Benghazi, “secure” e-mails, Clinton “Foundation,” we could go on. Hillary is The greatest liar. Do yourself a favor and go protest with BLM; you would fit right in there.

          • “Do yourself a favor and go protest with BLM”
            -2016 lingo for “ni**er lover”

  3. Sean needs to sleep. Take a break from working on the game. Then he can come back with a fresh mind and figure out what hes doing or going to do.

    • Absolutely not. He can work himself to death for all care, but he HAS to get the PC version of the game up to PC game standards. It runs like absolute shite and looks like a PS4 game.

      • It looks more like a PS3 game.

        • Lmao, true story.

      • WHat if I tell you ALL the pc version problems are fault of their own piracy protection system, wich was UNABLE to protect the game from being pirated on the very first launch day?
        Yeah, I downloaded the pirated version before buying, to check out if it would run on my pc, seeing all the bad reviews (so, I was cautious with my money). The pirated version runs really smoothly, without fps drops, without crashes, without any issues, on all max settings, even for 8 hours straight!
        SO, seeing that, I decided to buy it, and tought all the problems were mainly user problems, not game issues… bought on steam, removed the pirated copy from my hd, installed the steam version… 5 minutes in the game and the first crash. Reload, every now and then I get my fps drop from 60 – 10…
        This means the pirated version is MORE STABLE and RELIABLE than the official version of the game…

        • You’re delusional man. It has nothing to do with piracy protection. They wouldn’t be selling a DRM-free version of the game on if they were worried about copy protection. You are free to use GOG purchased games as you please, unlike Steam purchases.

          The pirated version you purchased wasn’t even the “cracked” version you so call it, it was literally just an upload of the DRM-free GOG version of the game. If you want a better game purchase experience and better play experience, purchase any games you can from

          This is where you are supposed to purchase No Man’s Sky:

          • So, give me one point on how the gog version is way better in stability than the steam version.

          • both the GoG version and steam Run like complete trash and for as far as piracy goes to play no man sky u dont even need a crack to technically its not pirated

  4. I think he’s run out of good will. What a dick.

    • Murray, Murray, what a prick.

  5. I’d pay for a Firefly. Everything else should come with the $60 price for an indie game.

  6. It was a short sighted comment which wasn’t 100% legal. So he retracted the statement and tried to rephrase in a more accurate manner, they don’t plan to charge for DLC unless something comes up that is so large they can’t reasonably fund it without charging additional money. Stop acting like a bunch of victims, play the game you paid for and if you get some free updates great, if they develop some huge DLC you need to pay for, you will make that decision to buy or not to buy at that time like you did now.

  7. I feel like Sony’s behind this sudden change but either way I’m not paying for DLC.

  8. Naive? This dude’s been around the games industry long enough to have a pretty good idea about what they can and can’t do. He’s a liar plain and simple.

  9. You all act like he’s intentionally telling these lies when he already knows he’s going to change his stance and you’re all fucking stupid for thinking that way. He’s overly ambitious and overly emotional about his game that’s for sure. As a player himself I’m sure he’d truly love to do all free content for those playing his game but it’s not a realistic option for most studios.

    • God and Sony bless the sheeps like you.

      • I’m not a sheep I’m just not a hater.

        • the article make people who don’t like the game more angry about the game, so at this point they just want to blame someone, will not listen to anything else. So don’t take them seriously.

    • Overly ambitious? I disagree, he got the result he wanted. Fool the world into believing all of this and make high coin from doing so:

      • I have no idea what you’re trying to prove with that link. It doesn’t back up your point at all.

        • He states/shows those things are IN the game, not that they will be. He lied.

          • I never argued that he didn’t lie so great detective work.

          • “You all act like he’s intentionally telling these lies when he already knows he’s going to change his stance”

            When he is saying those things are IN the game, he is intentionally lying. Unless you mean he didn’t know what was in his own game? Nice pathetic attempt at a save from ignorant fanboying.

          • I’m not fanboying I’m just a little more open minded and try not to be a shithead all the time, unlike some… The version they play on and test isn’t always the same version we have or get ahold of. Maybe those are all things they had in the game that didn’t work well enough to release it with those features. Maybe he knew if he forced another delay the internet would shit bricks and the psychos would continue with their death threats.

            I’m not saying he’s handled things well and I never said he didn’t lie so I don’t know what you’re trying to prove at this point. It seems to me that you’re just somebody who got butthurt over the game and fed into the hype and now you have to show your hate everywhere the game is mentioned. Do I own the game? Yeah. Do I like the game? Yeah. Did I buy into the hype and expect this game to be as mind blowingly good as many seem to have done? No. I’ve been burned far too many times. I hyped into Brink so I know now to never give into this type of crap. It’s a decent game but it’s not amazing and Sean Murray is awful at PR but he doesn’t deserve the awful kind of hate he’s getting over a video game, especially since they’ve offered refunds to people who can’t play it or feel like they were burned.

          • You say you don’t know what I’m trying to prove. I say the same thing to you. You’re saying he did it because he was emotional about the game? Do you realise how much money he will make from this? Have you heard of responsibility? You are the one with the non-point, not me. You say he didn’t lie intentionally. Look at the article, look at how it is a different game he described in great detail across every area of gameplay, and realise he had to do a whole lot of intentional bullshitting to pull that off.

            By the way, I don’t and didn’t own the game, had no interest in it, and couldn’t understand the hype anyway. I just shut my mouth about it until it was released, and have to admit I am very entertained that my assertions were accurate to a degree far higher than I could have imagined.

            Two days ago my opinion was “he was very emphatic and vague about the scope of the game, people took him out of context like idiots”. Turns out, after spending ours researching all the marketing put out about the game, it was damn specific, and completely misleading. And people say Star Citizen is a scam xD

            “you’re all fucking stupid for thinking that way” – The lack of self awareness hurts.

          • I’m not out to prove anything. I never was out to prove anything and I don’t know where you got any idea that I was. I simply mentioned a possible situation. To reiterate…I never said he wasn’t a liar. I never defended his awful PR nor did I defend him. I gave a person the benefit of the doubt in a shitty situation.

          • You asserted that people were “fucking stupid” for making a conclusion you didn’t like based on a massive range of indisputable evidence. Thus implying your conclusion is the obvious, correct one (because you would have to be fucking stupid not to see the obvious, right?) That is not mentioning a “possible situation”. Saying you didn’t do something doesn’t make it so.

          • No, assuming makes people fucking stupid. People being giant assholes over a video game is fucking stupid. I have no conclusion on this topic so I obviously can’t have the “correct one”. They only know what was supposed to be in the game and what isn’t in the game. They know nothing about the in between. They are assuming that he has been intentionally bullshitting us this entire and we don’t know that. It’s very possible that he has been but as I said I’m just being a little more open minded. I do believe we’re done here as we’re not getting anywhere with each other. You have your views and I have mine.

          • “People being giant assholes over a video game is fucking stupid.” – Yes, Sean Murray is. But he made a hell of a lot more money out of it.

            Think about this: If Sean Murray cared so much about the game, why did he stick with everything he said even after he knew what the final game would include? Why didn’t he come clean and say “we didn’t want to delay the game any further, but some of the things we promised will come in later patches”?

            I’m not going to claim to definitively know the answer to that. Let the evidence and time do so. But my guess is that the money became far more important than the original vision. And if true, like Notch, who sabotaged Mojang for money by selling it to MS (and has admitted it and regrets it daily), he is a selfish, weak prick, and I have no respect for him as he has no respect for his creation or his audience that lines his pockets.

            And why am I being an “asshole”? Because I am studying to become a game developer. And this is a prime example of “how not to be a game developer”.

          • Oh and by the way, you set the asshole tone of the conversation by saying “fucking stupid”. As did your following two statements. Now look at my first two comments.

            Now look in a mirror.

  10. This is just taken out of context, he has made it clear that it will be free content for a couple of years. Then they pushed him and asked him what about after that doing huge things like expansions.

  11. Inb4 getting down voted, but seriously people just like to throw gasoline on fire. The gaming community has always been uber-emotional with over-hyped games.

    The author of the article just wanted to ride the rage-train. NMS was never intended to be a mainstream game. It’s always been positioned as an exploration game, with crafting elements. It’s always been positioned as a “solo” journey, and if you’ll ever meet another player, that would be mind-blowing.

    They had issues day one with servers overload, like ANY COMPANY IN THE WORLD, and the community goes apeshit.

    Now, he just said that *maybe*, in the future, there’s gonna be some piece of content that they won’t be able to create without people paying for it, and boom goes the internet of haters.

    I like NMS, from my non-hyped point of view is exactly the game I expected it to be, and I will definitely welcome DLCs. I got what I paid for knowingly, and if I’ll still want to play in the future and buy those hypothetical DLCs, it’s gonna be my choice.

    • Why the mainstream hype then? Why the AAA Price? We’ll see about what comes for free and what must be paid. Soon. I’m (evil) laughing in advance.


    • Trying to work out who the bigger liar is, out of Sean Murray; for every single untrue promise he made about No Mans Sky. And you; for saying, “is exactly the game I expected it to be”.

      Sean Murray didn’t know what the f**k he expected it to be, so you claiming it’s what you expected it to be makes you a liar.

      Trying to work out who is the biggest liar between you two is more fun than No Mans Sky.

      I am genuinely happier telling you about yourself than I was playing No Mans Sky. This is the second best thing to come from the game, only just behind the thought of snapping the f**king disc and ramming a shard of it into Sean Murrays lying piece of sh*t heart.

  12. HAahahahahahs|SHAHSHhah You are actually serious about overcharging me for a 2.6 GB joke of a tech demo and actually are SERIOUS about charging more money for DLC? Garbage I wish I got my refund.

  13. charlatan

  14. hahahahahahahahahahaha
    no multiplayer
    no player to player interactions
    minecraft grindfest

    How is this game good again?

  15. Got my refund after 61 minutes of play after backing both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous I was willing to give this a punt too,biggest mistake ever but thank our Lord and Saviour GabeN for Steam Refunds, I certainly won’t be picking this up again till it drops below $25 because that’s all this train wreck is worth.

    After reading that Reddit Post which Catalogues how Hello Games and Mr Murray have been repeatably dishonest about NMS time and time again I honestly have no confidence in this guy or the company to do the right thing and fix this mess.

  16. Sean, its ok to delay a game but lying about being able to meet other people makes people really wanne kill u. To bad for u its just one planet they have to look for and our server has this feature. And im not lying;p but i believe u will make it hapje

  17. Fuck you Murray.

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