Ubisoft Developing a new Splinter Cell Game, Ironside Returning to Voice Sam Fisher

There’s a new Splinter Cell game in the works at Ubisoft and to top off that good news, Ironside is reported to be returning also. The leaker also reports that the new Splinter Cell title could be revealed at the VGAs (Video Game Awards) or some event this year.

The user on NeoGAF Crossing Eden posted the news on the popular forum site and here’s what they had to say on the leak.

“Ok so as some on this forum would know based on my post history, I have pretty reliable contacts about projects and stuff at Ubi. One of them dropped some WD2 and ACS info earlier in the year that the Nirolak can vouch for. This source informed me that there is a new Splinter Cell game in development, with Ironside recast as Sam Fisher. In an excerpt of their own words.”

The user then added an update to their post that does reveal some weightier evidence to support the leak.

To throw a date on this: I did see Ironside and one his daughters at the TO studio last summer. This was just good timing, as I was there on other business.

I have two sources who worked on the set of The Space Between (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4682922/), which was shooting in TO. Ironside mentioned he was working on a new Splinter Cell. One source is someone I trust, the other is an acquaintance by degrees.

The movie shoot overlapped the same week as my encounter. As I understand it, he was here for the movie first and worked in the studio visit while in town.

None of us is bound by NDA over this, given our connections and circumstances, but it still feels shady to talk about since it’s not official. I was surprised I hadn’t seen this news from someone else by now, to be honest.

I know UbiSoft TO has a wonderful new mocap studio.

While I did express disappointment it wasn’t shown at E3, this thing could be early along. I haven’t seen actual in-game assets or production assets for myself (like the Syndicate extra timeline story). I don’t know who is making it. I know other dev studios have used the mocap studio.

Remember Ubisoft studios collaborate often. The TO studio contributed content to Watch_Dogs 2, and For Honor also takes up a chunk there. I’d like to say this was another TO take on the franchise, but I will not until I know more.

Both For Honor and Wildlands are scheduled to release in the early part of 2017 for Ubisoft so it’s entirely possible that Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed will be their big holiday 2017 games.

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