This Video Hilariously Encapsulates the Disparity Between No Man’s Sky’s Trailers and Reality

Much has been made about the issue of overhype and individual expectations in the wake of mixed reviews for No Man’s Sky and one Twitter user has made a seriously hilarious gaming-related video that I just haven’t been able to stop watching.

As a user who data mined No Man’s Sky PC files, we now know that No Man’s Sky’s E3 demos were ‘scripted’ which essentially means they were put together to show the game in a way that was too ambitious Hello Games to actually achieve; a tactic called smoke and mirrors.

On a more serious take on the matter, NeoGAF member border posted a more detailed analysis of the disparity on the popular forum site. He’s found a few differences in gameplay but strikingly in the framerate of the PS4 version where pre-release footage was shown running at 60fps, whereas the final game runs at 30fps.

After garnering a plethora of negative user reviews on MetaCritic, Steam, Reddit and other places, it seems this is quite the perfect video to encapsulate that disappointment in a way that we can all enjoy.



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