September 2016 PlayStation Plus Games Predictions

August is winding down so it’s that time again to start making some predictions of what we might see in the PlayStation Plus lineup on PS4 in September. This past month some were disappointed that we didn’t get a retail game on PS4 but I have a feeling that we will get another one in September. Without further ado here our my predictions of some games that could be free on PS4 next month.

1. The Tomorrow Children


So in case you missed it Sony announced a few days ago that the long awaited next game from Q-Games, The Tomorrow Children, is finally launching on September 6. That also happens to be the first Tuesday of the month when the new Plus games are added. Now this game is interesting in that it will be available much like Paragon where you can buy it now by purchasing a founders pack or you can wait a few months for the free to play version to come out. I think it’s a good possibility that Sony will give all Plus members the Founders pack much like they did Paragon back in July. This could even end up being a bonus game on top of the other games just like Paragon was. If you don’t know here is what The Tomorrow Children is about

The Tomorrow Children is a unique combination of action, simulation, strategy, and social gaming that delivers an experience unlike anything else. As “projection clones,” players will be tasked to work together — And unite for the glory for all! — in an alternate future Soviet Union in order to restore civilization to a world that has been annihilated by a failed science experiment. Gather resources, build and customize your town, build defenses, fend off gigantic “Izverg” kaiju monsters, and much more.

2. Watch Dogs


Yeah I know it seems I have this one listed every month but that’s because I’m still hopeful that it will be free at some point especially with the sequel coming out in November. Watch Dogs didn’t live up to the hype but it’s still a great game that many should check out and if it’s free on Plus you’ll have no better chance.

3. Killzone: Shadow Fall


I truly believe it is past time that this game should have been added to the PlayStation Plus lineup. It’s been almost three years since Killzone: Shadow Fall launched with the PS4 so it’s definitely old enough to be in the lineup. The game has a pretty good campaign and the multiplayer is fun too. It could help bring back a small community to the game if it’s in the Plus lineup. The game also has DLC that coulld help make some additional sales for them including the pretty fun co op mode Intercept.

4. Murdered: Soul Suspect


Murdered: Soul Suspect is another game that I think could be included and one that I would be pleased to see. The game was underrated and was ignored by most players even though it is a pretty great game. The studio that made it ended up being shut down as a result of the poor reception to the game but giving it away on PlayStation Plus would hopefully get more players to see that it was actually a pretty good game. It’s doubtful you’ll ever see another entry in the franchise but this one is one worth playing.

5. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood


The two recent Wolfenstein games by Machine Games were excellent titles and I think that the prequel could be included in the PlayStation Plus lineup. While both The Old Blood and The New Order are both cheap nowadays I think it makes more sense to give people the recent prequel so that hopefully they’ll go pick up the New Order as well. Both of them are excellent shooters and I’m sure the next entry is already being worked on by Machine Games especially according to a possible leak. Shooter fans are in for a treat if The Old Blood shows up on the PlayStation Plus lineup.

So there are our September 2016 PlayStation Plus predictions for the PS4. What do you want to see in the Plus lineup in September? Tell us in the comments below.


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