REPORT: PS4 Slim to Release September 14th Worldwide

Auction listings for the currently unannounced PS4 ‘Slim’ model have been popping up on Gumtree today with many pictures of the new console showing up online. Apart from these images showing a smaller, more rounded design, very little is known about any specific details of this new slim PS4.

ThisGenGaming has received exclusive information from the person behind the auction telling us the product is to officially be out on September 14th after an announcement on the 7th. Sony officially confirmed their PlayStation meeting for the 7th of September in New York so it’s very likely we’ll be getting more than one hardware reveal shortly from Sony.

Here’s the proof of ThisGenGaming getting this exclusive information from the seller:


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  1. Let’s see what it does first. Uhd? Hdr?

    • Time will tell but I’m guessing it will be the same as current model for cheaper price. UHD, 4K, HDR, etc will probably be in the Neo.

      • I would agree with you. They will offer this slim most likely at 300$ and the Neo will be most likely be 500 Im guessing.

        • No chance for $500. I think Sony learned that consoles priced that high don’t sell.

          • I hope it’s $399. Or $450 at most. I don’t want to pay more than that.

          • Don’t think you have to worry about that =)

          • Really the collector edition Ps4’s are 500$ I know I bought one.

          • If you’re talking about in the US no they have never been $500 even the collector’s.

          • I bought my Destiny collectors edition PS4 for 500$ are you that thick or just an asshole?

      • Price will be important, if they release it for 299 its the same price as Xbox S but without uhd/hdr

    • uhd and hdr for the 1% of people that can use them? no thanks, this ps4 slim will go hand in hand with my 1080p tv perfectly, make it as cheap as you can sony

      • Agreed, I personally don’t care about bs 4k. I rather have native 1080p locked 60 frames with max effects.

        • Won’t get that out of a ps4. Neo maybe, not ps4, and if the slim is just the same only smaller, not with the slim as well.

      • 1%, yeah sure

  2. Hope this is real I will buy it.

  3. Wow, that this is ugly. At least the XB1 slim was an IMPROVEMENT on the design.

    • Agreed. At least the XB1 slim was an IMPROVEMENT on the design.

      • PS4 Launched with Bluetooth, No power brick, already smaller than X1, USB ports in the front, rechargeable controllers with 3.5mm jack, ability to stand it up, and more powerful specs. What more do they need? Games like Need for Speed, Metal Gear V, Just Cause 3, Batman AK, Far Cry Primal, Dark Souls 3 all run 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox one.

        • I’ll tell you what you need: a girlfriend.

          • And less of fanboy

        • lol all of those games runs like shit on the ps4 so dont be too happy i guess playing a game at 20 frames all your life is now considered good lol

          • Now now, let’s not start lying to prove our point. That’s not going to help.

          • why would i lie can you prove me wrong ?

          • Yes, by actually playing all of those games and having them run well on the PS4. None of them dip to 20fps at all. Granted, you may not be lying, you just might be ignorant of the truth which would make you just wrong instead of deceitful.

          • I have MGSV and Dark Souls 3, and they both run perfectly on my ps4. I guess you’re mistaken?

          • Show me proof? Digital foundry shows Metal gear 5 and Batman Arkham knight running higher resolution and better frame rate on PS4. And no screen tear.. congrats you are an idiot

      • Well, there was nowhere to go but up with the XB1, so anything would have been an improvement… except that atrocious ventilated top..

  4. Ill wait for neo unless this is neo ??

    • I’m waiting for Neo. I already have a PS4. I hope Neo looks better than this.

  5. Not sure what exactly it is….but there is something strange about the way it looks. Its slimmer, but the length of it makes it look awkward when looking from above at it. Not like it matters, but just seems unnecessary. This isn’t like a OG PS3 and Slim-PS3 size difference. Anyway, hopefully NEO information is released soon.

  6. It finally has a real power button and not that confusing line in the middle they call a button. It’s strange though how they chose to put the buttons and usb inside a trench. If you have fat fingers that’s gonna be a problem.

    • Confusing? lol, you can always tell how old someone is by the crap they get confused by.

  7. why would you buy this its the ps4 same not wont upscale game to 4k it wont have a 4l blue ray player and it doesnt have hdr dropped the bll on this.

    you guys dont even know if the ps4 neo will up scale gmes to was just made to run vr better.they didnt play for 4k gaming like xboix did.

  8. All that matters to me is it’s not LOUD AS HELL. I sold my ps4 because it was TOO LOUD – drove me insane! Couldn’t believe how loud it was.

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