The Destiny Base Game Could be Going Free-to-Play

Destiny has been released and re-released multiple times since its launch and we recently reported that ‘Destiny: The Collection’ will be releasing this holiday packed with all DLC content. Some eagle-eyed Reddit users have reason to believe that the base Destiny game might actually be going free-to-play on Xbox One and PS4.

The Redditor FlapjacksIsBack made the thread of the Destiny subreddit ‘Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition’ removed from both XBL and PSN stores for current gen consoles!

The version still available is the bundle for The Taken King which incidentally also includes Expansion 1 and Expansion 2. Further weight is added to the rumour because the Microsoft store listing for Destiny now displays the game as being “free” with “in-app purchases” but currently doesn’t have a download button.

This could make sense as an entry point into the Destiny experience. As an MMO and quite an addictive one at that, it might be a good business move to encourage those who passed on Destiny to play the base game for free and then spend the money to upgrade to The Taken King/Rise of Iron.

However, the Redditor also notes that “On the flip-side, they could potentially be mid transition of making the only way to obtain vanilla Destiny (outside of buying a used copy) to buy The Collection.”

Do you think Destiny will go free-to-play for the base game? Let us know your thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment below.

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