Smash and Grab Leaked As The Next Game From The Developers Behind Sleeping Dogs

Popular NeoGAF member Ekim has been teasing in his playful way once again and has now leaked an upcoming game from United Front, the team behind Sleeping Dogs. From what Ekim has leaked, it sounds like a typical hero-shooter akin to Overwatch, Battleborn, and the likes but Smash and Grab seems to have a twist that it’s primarily a melee-only game.

Just a few hours ago the official twitter account for United Front teased an announcement for what we can only assume now to be Smash and Grab:

Here’s what we know about the game so far from Ekim’s leaks:

From what I’ve seen it looks like MP. Two teams. Looks quite wild. Getting The Warriors vibes for some reasons.

Not quite. Looks like more melee then guns (outside of probably some nail guns)

Ah looks like it’s a hero game after all.

Ok. Spilling the beans. Game is about 2 teams. There seems to be like 20 chars that you can chose. (Didn’t count) there are some announcers with anonymous masks. You smash stuff and grab money/valuable things. Looks like it’s melee centric. Characters look half The Warriors, half other stuff. There are Katanas and Nailguns and Hammers and stuff. The name of the game is somewhere in this post.

Ekim also leaked a picture of the character roster via his Twitter account @Ekim_Gaf

It sounds like quite an interesting take on the whole hero-based multiplayer games and the art style looks interesting too. We’ll have to wait to see more but if United Front’s Twitter account is anything to go by, we won’t have to wait long.





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