Nyko Light Grip for Xbox One Review

The Xbox One controller sure is a fine piece of kit by itself and is widely accepted as one of the best controllers on the market, but that doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made. Third party product provider Nyko aims to make simple improvements to your gaming life with their accessories and the Light Grip for Xbox One is aimed to provide a better grip and feel for the Xbox One controller whilst also enjoying a skin with flashy LED colour and pattern combinations.


In my time with the Light Grip for Xbox One and the, often extended usages it’s been put through it’s proven to be a great product. The most important factor here for qualifying it as such is the ergonomic feel and grip provided. The skin adds a rubberized grip, perfect for extended gameplay sessions when you’re playing a game for hours on end.

As someone who isn’t ashamed to admit that my palms can quite often get rather sweaty when playing for extended sessions, the Nyko Light Grip effectively makes this a non-issue. The textured grip provides a sturdier feel and it’s a very welcome addition to my Xbox One controller.

My experience with grips and faceplates for the Xbox One hasn’t always been smooth but the Nyko Light Grip was one of the easiest to set-up and to align correctly. The main faceplate snaps on very easily and is held in place by comfortable straps that slide on nicely. Sometimes when I have used grips in the past they would be very difficult to align correctly with the controller and it would negate the advantages of using grips but these slotted in perfectly thanks to little nodes to hold the grips in place.

Thankfully, there are no batteries required and the LED functions are powered by the controller itself which means you don’t have to be cautious about depleting your batteries by making use of this very cool feature that allows 17 different combinations of light colours and patterns to choose from.


The LED features seemed trivial to me at first but since having the opportunity to see it for myself and having played around with the huge amount of colours and patterns at hand, it’s a lot of fun to customise the LED lights to your liking. The LED lights illuminate in dozens of colours and various, user defined, patterns while you play.

The inclusion of all the customizable LED colours and patterns has also helped me to reach the conclusion that this is not only a great product to buy for oneself but maybe an even better product to buy for a friend or family member. Since owning mine, I already bought one for my cousin who loves the LED feature as it allows for a bit more fun than the standard black Xbox One controller.

As great as the LED features included in the Light Grip are, some might just be looking for the more basic but effective grip solution and you can’t go wrong with choosing this Nyko product, even if you don’t want the LED features. The grips provide a rubberized texture that really does make a difference when it comes to extended gameplay sessions that will save you from hand fatigue when you play for extended durations.


There’s a range of controller grips on the market but none quite has the unique appeal of Nyko’s Light Grip. For this price point, the Nyko grip is punching above its weight. With this much customization with the LED patterns and the overall build quality, the Nyko Light Grip is a solid product overall for Xbox One gamers.



Nyko Light Grip for Xbox One










Build Quality



  • Cost-effective solution
  • LED customizable with dozens of colours and patterns
  • No batteries required
  • Rubberized grips are excellent


  • Can't use headset with the light grip

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