5 Reasons Why ReCore Needs To Be On Your Radar

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It’s not like me to champion for a game to sell well and typically I don’t much care about that side of things in gaming; I prefer instead to enjoy games and let the execs worry about statistics like sales data. Well, ReCore is different. Not just different in terms of my view towards it, but also a completely different and new experience for the Xbox brand as a whole.

When was the last time a game like ReCore released exclusively to Xbox? There’s maybe some contenders from the Xbox 360 era but certainly, nothing comes to mind on the Xbox One. In truth, there’s nothing quite like ReCore in the Xbox library of games, so here’s 5 reasons that ReCore needs to be on your radar.


There’s perhaps no better way to summarize ReCore in one word than unique. Google defines unique as “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” Honestly, ReCore looks like a Nintendo game to me, it’s got all those loveable features that I love from some of Nintendo’s biggest games such as Zelda. Xbox has had some excellent exclusives for the Xbox One since it launched back in 2013 but ReCore is the first that actually made me stop and think “This is exclusive to Xbox, right?” if you’ve ever complained about Xbox not having enough diversity then ReCore is the one game I would implore you to support.


It’s too early for reviews yet but plenty of big names have been sharing previews for ReCore and thus far, they’ve been overwhelmingly positive. When you have multiple publications all singing the same praise, surely that counts for something.

IGN: “What I do know is that ReCore was a delightful surprise, and is just a nugget of the great things in store when great minds come together.”

Twinfinite: “We only got a small sample of that so far, but if it delivers on that end and has an interesting story for players to get sucked into, ReCore could be something special.”

CGMagazine: “I went in a skeptic and came out a potential fan. ReCore is, thanks to a solid demo, one of the Xbox/Windows exclusives I’m most looking forward to for holiday 2016.”

Daily Star: “Microsoft exclusive ReCore is superb fun and just what the Xbox One needs”

Xbox Enthusiast: “ReCore is a gorgeous game with an interesting game concept, but you probably already knew that. Fortunately, after playing through about half an hour of ReCore, I can also say that the gameplay of the title stands up to the strengths of the presentation.”


ReCore bucks the trend of most big-name games coming this holiday season and instead is going with a $40/£30 price point. ReCore is an entirely new IP and new IP often tend to be some of the riskiest games to put out. Hence, Microsoft picked the pricing for ReCore to ensure there are “no barriers” and to give consumers more value for their money.

Joseph Staten, ReCore’s lead writer had this to say on the price: “We want to reach as broad an audience as we can, and we figured that a $40 price point would really help us reach as many people as we could. New IPs are always hard, and we wanted people to get the game and feel like “wow this is a really big game for $40.” 

If you were maybe a bit lukewarm on ReCore and you might have the “I’ll wait for a sale” attitude then there’s no need, at this attractive price point, the value-conscious among us can rest easy.


When ReCore was first revealed, there was something that stood out to me, even more so than the intriguing trailer. It was the announcement that ReCore’s co-developed by Comcept, which was founded by former Capcom employee and Mega Man illustrator Keiji Inafune, as well as Armature Studio, comprised of key creative members behind Metroid Prime. When you have that kind of combined talent and pedigree, it’s easy to get excited for a game even well before you see gameplay, as was the case back in 2015.


If there’s one thing I always appreciate in a game, it’s when said game has a compelling narrative. I’m a sucker for being drawn into these worlds that developers create when the process focuses on story-telling and bringing players into their own little world. According to details shared by Joseph Staten, humanity is asleep and left robots in charge to make this planet habitable for humans. However, our lead character wakes up to find that Robots have gone AWOL and taken over.

Windows Central also has a very interesting interview with Keiji Inafune up on their website that is well worth the read. Incidentally, Inafune also shared a few more details on ReCore’s story:

So ReCore takes place on a planet separate from Earth named Far Eden, and it focuses on Joule and her companion, Mack. They wake up from cryo-sleep in a post-apocalyptic setting. The player has to uncover exactly what happened. There’s a very strong emphasis on the mystery element, as well as the exploration and the adventure elements. She’s trying to investigate what happened to Earth, why the terraforming process on this new planet gone completely haywire, and why these robots are attacking you. The story plays a large part in ReCore. It’s a solo, adventure-mystery.

Okay, I’m excited to play ReCore so what should I do?

There’s still time to pre-order ReCore in time for its release on September 16. You can pre-order from the Xbox/Windows store by clicking on this button:


ReCore is also an Xbox Play Anywhere game which means that you only need to buy the game once to access it on Xbox One or on a Windows 10 PC.





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  1. Great summary of what we know about the game so far. Can’t wait for this release.

    • Thanks man! I’m really looking forward for this to release also, not long left!

  2. I feel it is a really special game. I´ve been looking for info about it for a while and it looks like we are about to play a small diamond here. Not sure about the score will receive, or even if the game will have a lot of audience, but still I can feel there is something really magic around this game. Kind of like those game you see back days and you still remember as fantastic experiences. Just because they are different. People compare with nintendo games, but as a nintendo fan I would love to say that reminds me even more to those Dreamcast games and original Xbox games. Reminds me to those new fresh an dynamic IPs with a high value production that got into my heart and probably I will not see them again because they were not big blockbusters and just actually special games, they were mean to be a GAME, and not a super saga. I think today people expect games to become sagas instead of being just awesome games.
    Hopefully someone else can understand what I said and share with me this emotions.
    Greetings for everyone! Looking forward to 16th of September, I already preordered.

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