Has Sony Been Backed Into A Corner By NX And Scorpio?

Prepare thy wallets; a bunch of new console hardware is nearing release. Due to a series of leaks, we know now that Sony is most likely prepping the announcements of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo for their PlayStation meeting on September 7. Incidentally, they held a similar event when showcasing the PS4 for the first time. We released the exclusive story that the PS4 Slim is reported to release September 14 worldwide and rumours point to Sony’s PS4 Neo releasing this year also.

In light of the leaked PS4 Slim, many have doubted the release of Neo this year but here’s why it’s not too insane to stay on course with the rumours that Neo is indeed coming this year. First off, the PS4 Neo has experienced many leaks in the past few months, notwithstanding a 40+ page official document leak.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry who were first to leak specific hardware specs also report that its very unlikely the Neo specs have changed.

The biggest obstacle to a Neo specs boost is rather more mundane in nature though – production timescales. A 2016 release date is looking likely and we could even see Neo on shelves as soon as October, meaning that the console spec would have been nailed down many, many months ago. This is the reality of creating a mainstream consumer electronics device with a production run in its millions. The processor would have been in production for some time, and the memory module deal would have been completed many months ago – probably way ahead of the Scorpio specs reveal.

Of course, the release date could be pushed back but then all that would mean is Sony sits on a ton of Neo stock which not only makes the hardware susceptible to leaks such as the PS4 Slim but also means Sony would miss out on the holiday rush. Another advantage they would hand over to their competitor is 4K/HDR compatibility. Leaks suggest the Slim PS4 doesn’t boast these features so it only makes sense that Sony plans on releasing the Neo this year as their 4K premier machine to go alongside the cheaper, more budget-friendly Slim model.

Why not push it into early 2017 then? Well, Nintendo’s NX is set to release in this timescale and two consoles launching in a season where hardware sales are typically low benefits nobody. Nintendo picked this spot likely so they don’t have to go up against the PS4 Slim/Neo this holiday or the Xbox Scorpio next holiday. Again, it doesn’t make business or financial sense for Sony to push the release to early 2017.

Even more unlikely then is that the Neo is released holiday 2017 to coincide with the Scorpio launch. Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox is nothing shy of a “monster” and promises to deliver a true 4K/VR experience and with the official confirmation of the machine at Microsoft’s E3 show this year, you can tell they’re confident they’ll be coming to market with the most powerful console in history.

In case you missed it, here’s what we know about the Scorpio specs thus far:

Scorpio will provide 6-teraflops of GPU power along with 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR gaming. It’ll also have 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and is currently over 4x more powerful than the current Xbox One. The console will likely be able to go toe-to-toe with the brand-new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 which has 6.5 TFLOPs of performance.

It’s not impossible that Sony would delay the Neo to boost the specs comparable to the Scorpio for holiday 2017, except this doesn’t benefit Sony at all. Research and development costs, planning costs, contracts and the whole lot are already in place, Sony wouldn’t just lose a few million dollars if they decided to do this, in reality, they’d probably face hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

The truth is that Sony can afford to give up a power advantage and stick to their plans to release the Neo this year, since 2013 they’ve dominated the market share of console gaming and that lead can be continued if they instead focus on delivering more exclusive games than ever before to really take advtange of the Neo hardware. But for those thinking it’s “insane” to think Neo is releasing this year, it might not be as insane as they think with the NX and Scorpio right around the corner.






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  1. I agree, this article makes sense.

    • It’s hard to tell when you’re being sarcastic if you don’t add the /s at the end.

  2. No. Snorpio will be a year late and have no exclusives. The only people who care are the few useless mouthbreathing Xbox fanboys people are already sick of. NX and Neo will clean up the rest of the market.

    • Revolver Ocelot is right! We should start building concentration camps for those useless mouthbreathing Xbox fanboys and fire up the gas ovens for those sub-humans! Trump 2016! /s

      • No need to be extreme, bro.

        • I agree. There is no need to exterminate Xbox fanboys, but maybe we could make them wear armbands so they could be easily identified. I wouldn’t want one of them trying to date one of my daughters

    • lol… fanboy alert.

      • Delusions of grandeur-CHECK. Ignorant-CHECK. Immature- CHECK. Low IQ- CHECK. Brianwashed-CHECK. You’re right, fanBOY alert.

    • mad because scorpio will be more powerful faggot?

      • You truly are the idiot here if you don’t see the Scorpio announcement as a desperate attempt to counter the Neo. Sony has no problems here as over 40 Million PS4 owners aren’t going to jump to Scorpio when they have a full library of games. If anything, Sony will just announce the PS5 for late 2018 and PS4 owners will gladly wait.

        • your an idiot if you think sony would
          announce ps5 in 2018 they dont have the money to come out with consoles every year dumbass.Neo is the console for the next 3-4 years.your probably a pissy kid who doesent know how corporations work.

          • If Sony didn’t have the money would they be releasing a PS4 Slim and PSVR too? You’re the joke here trying to pass off as someone who knows how companies operate and compete.

          • Your emotional sucking on the Japanese dick aren’t you?No suckstation 5 until 2020 you dork.

          • Awww such a mad little XBone ryder. You just can’t handle the success Sony is having. Go jump off a building and you’ll feel better.

      • It better be……releasing a whole year later…! “Stupid people…….I see!”

    • you are right, fanboys are useless. so by definition you are useless

  3. Once again, so many things wrong with your “articles,” Charlie.

    But hey, you’ve written so much drivel that they’ve gone ahead and made you head writer. All that really means is that you’re good at providing clicks for the site, though. It sure ain’t about the quality.

  4. Sony is screwed. The only thing the PS4 has going for it is it is slightly more powerful. All the best games are on Xbox and Nintendo. When MS has the most powerful system and Nintendo provides the best mobile gaming platform, nobody will need a PS4 Neo.

    • All the best Xbox games are everywhere else, and for all the “best” Nintendo games, nobody seems to care about buying them.


  5. What’s the point of the Xbox really? all their games going Pc anyways so why own that console, And
    Nintendo NX is nothing but a censorship machine that caters too casuals. I’d say your best pick would be PC/Ps4 considering pc has everything else and ps4 for its exclusives and there are plenty of em.

  6. Odd how this writer completely ignored PSVR as a reason that the Neo may not release this year. So Sony now has to market the Slim, PSVR, and Neo in the same quarter? I don’t think that is likely but we’ll soon find out.

  7. Xbox Scorpio is going to be more pathetic, overpriced overhyped trash with no games just like the Xbox DONE is pathetic, worthless trash with no games worth playing and that’s why both consoles are forever going to rot down in the bargain bin where they belong.
    There’s a reason why the PS4 is outselling Microsoft’s poor man’s excuse for a console 2-1 whether the braindead Xbox lesbutts are capable of admitting it to themselves or not. The Xbox DONE has nothing but trash games that no self respecting gamer would go anywhere near and which get picked apart on Metacritic like the trash they are. While Sony have the highest rated games of the entire generation like Bloodborne and Uncharted 4.
    Xbox Scorpio will be another pathetic, unwanted, worthless, underpowered, POS, FAILURE that will rot down in the bottom of the sales charts like the last – gen trash it truly is. All of the real gamers have already sided with the PS4 and sales prove that. Deal with it, Microsoft brand slave lesbutt paupers.


      • Wow….. You are really trying to satisfy your sorry excuse of comments aren’t you.?!

        Power….ha! Funny how the tables have turned now that the “powah” of the Scorpio is going to be more than the NEO…. Also that the xbots are now swinging a “power” stick to try and make sense of their actions.

        If a system comes out almost a year later it had better be more powerful……dumb ass….. “MESSAGE!!!”


    • Damn straight! You can’t play No Mans Sky on Xbox! Greatest game since The Order! ?

  8. The question should instead be: “Is Nintendo backed into the corner with Sony Neo and Xbox Scorpio?”

    Cause, unless Nintendo makes a new gimmick that makes it print money like Wii did? If it continues what Wii U sales were like? Then Nintendo and their hardware/console making days are over. Nintendo is backed into the corner, Sony is fine, Xbox is fine.

  9. Sony can kneecap Microsoft simply by releasing the Neo this fall and announcing a PS5 with substantially better specs than Scorpio releasing in Q4 2018. A lot is possible one hardware based forward/backward compatibility is in place.

  10. Sony and microsoft? Pay to play online? Bunch of f’ing peasants.

    • i rather pay for online and some games monthly than full price of a game without ability to sell it.

      • You can buy pc games physical.

        • where?I play fireaxis games on pc and havent seen physical in years.only steam codes in boxes.

          • At a shop.

          • as i said.this games want work without steam.even when there is dvd inside it has to be activeted through steam

          • You cant buy every single game physically. That’s not what I meant. The main third party games and stuff like warcraft can be though.

        • That’s a poor argument, as it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to buy physical PC games. And Wisnia is right in saying you STILL often need the internet to use the physical game.

  11. Scorpio will be more powerful but also 200$ more expensive and a year late.I think that half generetion consoles have around 10mln potential customers. Neo will sell 65% and Scorpio 35%. Most people want cheap devices that is why Console sales skyrocket with 299$ price.

    You have to remember that Sony will probably release PS5 in 2019 so this is one more reason to release Neo sooner rather than later.

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