Report: Steam Will Refund Your Copy Of No Man’s Sky Even If You Played For More Than 2 Hours

UPDATE: New reports have been coming in that Sony and Amazon are also offering refunds, regardless of playtime.

The news hasn’t been good for No Man’s Sky running up to and then post-launch and it seems it’s now possible for players to get refunds from Steam even if they have played longer than 2 hours. In case you’re not aware. Steam’s refund policy allows for someone to refund a game providing they’ve played for less than 2 hours, with the exception of exceptional circumstances whereby you can get a refund beyond this point.

The story comes from Reddit and has really blown up on there since the original posting. Here’s what Redditor whaaatcrazy had to say:

Just heard on a random twitch channel they’re giving refund so i gave it a shot even though I tried the day it came out, AND HOLY SHIT IT WORKED.

I should mention I had 8 hours in the game, and a negative review.

Edit: For anyone who is not getting a refund I would just keep trying. I’m not sure why it works for some and not others but no harm in just trying again.

Edit2: Just gonna use this opportunity to plug a game I really enjoy. If you haven’t played Subnautica I HIGHLY recommend it. I have 90 hours and I payed 20 bucks for it and am still not bored, plus its on sale for $15.99 right now. Its still in early access but they update it regularly and it supposed to be finished in December. CHECK IT OUT!!

Edit3: Damn this blew up. I hope most of you are having good luck getting your refunds.

Some of the top comments on the thread include:

Yikes… Hello Games is getting slaughtered…

I’m honestly amazed people didn’t see this coming.

I can’t believe they sold 700k copies across all platforms. Was quite disappointed with gamers encouraging bad behaviour like this.

You know your game is shit when Steam increases the refund policy duration for a game

Have you refunded your copy of No Man’s Sky or are you still exploring? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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  1. People expected to get what a FPS or a space simulation game instead of what was offered which was a exploration game. God gamers today are entitled little bitches.

    I’d rather play something like No Mans Sky or Everspace than a game like Star Citizen which will never come out and just decided to copy No Mans Sky

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