CD Projekt Is Now Worth Over $1 Billion

CD Projekt recently published their financial quarterly results for Q2 2016 and it looks like they’re doing very well indeed. Since releasing their latest game in The Witcher series, they have exceeded analysts prognosis by 32%. As a result, their share price has jumped, making the company worth more than $1 billion.. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Revenue in Q2 2016: 319 million PLN ($82 million)
  • Net profit in Q2 2016: 134,7 million PLN ($34.7 million)

According to the company’s strategy, their aim is to generate a net profit of 618.4 million PLN between 2016-2019, 855,5 mln PLN between 2016-2020, or 1.09 billion PLN between 2016-2021.┬áSince the beginning of the year, CD Projekt’s share price has increased by 67%.

GOG Galaxy is working for CDPR: they have sold more add-ons to the Witcher 3 than the main game itself last year.

Galaxy will be used for online features in CDPR games going forward. Gwent will be powered by Galaxy (which has built in cross-play support).

Most of the revenue generated by the Witcher 3 add-ons was included in Q1 report.

Game development spending amounts to around $3.75 million per quarter.

CDPR wants to prepare Gwent for e-sports market.

100 developers work on Gwent, including the entire marketing team.

No plans for mobile Gwent at this stage, although “CDPR like mobile”

Final release expected few months after the start of the closed beta.

This was their booth at E3 2014, proving that hard work can most certainly pay off for developers!

Source: NeoGAF


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