Report: The PS4 Neo Mockup is Mostly Correct, Price Will be Around $450

UPDATE: The Foxconn employee responsible for the sketches has said that the price will be 3000 Chinese yuan which converts into $450 and is slightly above the launch price of the OG PS4

The leak for the upgraded version of the PS4, currently codenamed Neo doesn’t appear to be as severe as the PS4 Slim leaks but employees of the company Foxconn have shared sketches on a Chinese forum blog called A9VG. In case you don’t know, Foxconn is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company that has worked on many consoles/handheld devices in the past.

A NeoGAF user made this mockup based on sketches provided by a Foxconn employee:


The user on the Chinese forum A9VG has updated to the mockup and provided additional information:

Factory code as follows:
C: Original PS4
D: PS4Slim

PS4NEO is three, similar to the sandwich.

Old price of 3,000 staff speaks

1: button is located below the middle layer rather than above, its reading off key and key buttons is a cross-linked together.
2: breathing lights moved to the position below the middle layer, and the key merger.
3: USB interface has only two, in the lowermost layer.
4: its reading in the middle of the first layer and the second layer.
5: Rear power socket and a conventional power socket PS4 is completely different (to several times).
6: White
7: weighing 4.5 kg. – this is heavier than the 2013 Xbox One which weighed around 3.2kg 

Sources: A9VG, NeoGAF

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  1. looks fake, looks like the slim with a extra layer photoshopped, why would there be a codename neo on the console

    • Because it is photoshopped after seeing this Foxconn person’s drawings…

    • Yeah this is a mockup from sketches provided from someone who works in the factory producing the hardware

      • i don’t know where you’ve been buddy, but someone on a chinese forum that works there leaked the ps4 slim 6 months ago but nobody believe him till recent days because they were as limited minded as you, grow some brain cells

  2. The slim looks alright, but the mockup neo…

  3. Shit,
    I don’t want the neo to cost 450$. OK, if that’s the price for an eventual release in Asia, that should make at least 550 euro or 550 dollars.

    I want the neo to cost at least 750 to 900 euros.

    Because of the whining kids all over the forums, begging manufacturers to release an Xbox 1 or ps4, for max 149$, b la bla bla, the same whining kids that will spend 500 dollars every 6 months, on a new iPhone, tablet, will spend 450$ on a new graphic card, just to gain 7 fps on most games, or the same guys that will spend 300 $ a week on Over watch random loot boxes, or 900$ a month, on virtual cash for gta online. ..
    These guys have no problem at all spending huge amounts of cash every single week… but when t’s about buying a new future console, that is supposed to have enough power to keep both devs and gamers happy, for the next 5-8 years, well, those delusional ignorants are only willing to pay a little amount of cash, for that new console.
    how can we be so stupid ?
    Sony clearly stated the neo would be a premium product with premium parts and features, and basically, they wouldn’t be making the console while trying to trim features, power, options, here and there, to reduce costs and compromise the quality.
    no, anyone buying a neo should be aware he will be paying much more, for much more power and features.

    I don’t want Sony to start saving here and there, and at the end, the neo will only have 15 or 20% more power than the neo. No, I want Sony to use a fking powerful graphic chip, a faster 16 core (12 active= PS4 SIMPLE 6 active cores + 6 new active cores, for a total of 4 spare/disabled cores). 24 cores could also be great.10 go of gddr5x would be great, currently, among 8gb, maybe 3,5 to 5gb of ram are being used. With the huge price drops on ram, since the past release, so my could surely put 16gb of gddr5x memory, and instead of being blocked by the OS chuck of ram, and all other background tasks, it would be amazing to have 10 FULL GB OF RAM 100% dedicated to the game memory needs, while leaving the remaining 6 GB, for all the current Os tasks, like the deep standby, etc. For sure, the dashboard could become much faster and responsive, with all the data fully cashed.
    I also want a 500Gb ssd on internal usb3port along an empty slot where I can insert a 3.5″ WD RED 4000 if I want to.

    To summarize, I don’t want Sony to save money on cheap components that will make the competition laugh really loud. I’m OK to saving some cash 3 or 3-4 months, so I can purchase that 799-899$ Neo console, so I can see there is no joke, you pay for what you get, and paying shifty money, well, u buy an immense pile of crap.

    I paid 900 $ for the ps3, thanks to the currency and other aspects, it was chère, but it was a monster. 10 years later, it’s still the most powerful console.despite devs having signed policies, like forcing all the devsto spend more time developing the microsoft product motor time on the Microsoft brand, while slowing down the production. .because the ps3 was more powerful, devs had to spend more time working and coding exclusively

    I WANT a PS4 neo that will have much more power, and allow some crazy good games to be released, games that will destroy any x1 game by a factor of 100%
    And then I want Sony to release some amazing components (one component I would like to see is a hardware little chip, next to the graphics out. The main of this component is, applying a complex 0.000000000000125× anti-aliasing processing, so everything looks a azing”.

    Just like the ps4 was easily able to improve on somme parts, and became even better and professional. There are always things to be improved.

    That’s why I refuse to only play 300 euros for a rushed weak piece of crap.
    No 750/850 $ price?just save 3 or 4 months, and there you’ll have it, lol. .save, save, save. Instead of buying cheap 1998 °turd’ that will destroy all your games.


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