Why 2017 Will Be The Strongest Year Yet For Sony And The PS4 Brand

It’s no secret that Sony has been dominating this current console generation with the PS4 having sold over 40+ million units already. Some of the best games of the generation are only on the PS4 such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, and more. As good as it’s been for Sony and the PS4 already I think the best is yet to come. While Sony is going to have another strong holiday here in 2016 I think 2017 could be their best year yet.

Let’s start with hardware shall we. Sony will soon be officially revealing the PS4 Slim and the PS4 NEO and while we know the slim will launch soon we don’t yet know if the NEO will launch this year as intended or if it’s going to be pushed to 2017. Either way more hardware is going lead to more sales. Both the Slim and the NEO will have great deals throughout 2017 for sure as well as bundles to try and convince more people to buy them. PlayStation VR is also launching soon and next year will see a lot more games released for it. I think Sony could sell more hardware in 2017 then any year yet.


Then you have the games. Sony will continue to have the most powerful console on the market for at least another year and third party games will continue to run much better on the PS4 Slim and NEO then they do the Xbox One. This will lead to more people choosing PlayStation for all the great upcoming third party titles such as Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the next Rockstar game and all the holiday games releasing this year that will get patches to make them run better. While the third party games is a big reason the PS4 will have another huge year the 2017 first party lineup may be an even bigger reason.


None of them is bigger then Horizon: Zero Dawn that is launching at the end of February 2017. Horizon is set to be the next BIG exclusive for Sony the likes of an Uncharted or The Last of Us. The game has been getting praise from all over from those who have played it. The game looks gorgeous already and we haven’t even seen it running on the PS4 NEO yet. An exclusive open world RPG is a huge get for Sony and it has some of the best people working on it including some former members of Witcher dev CD Projekt Red.

In addition to Horizon, PS4 owners will also get games such as Yakuza 0, Persona 5, MLB The Show 17, Crash Trilogy Remastered, and more. There are several games that don’t have dates but I have no doubt are coming next year. These include Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream, Dreams from Media Molecule, Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, and more. I also think you could see either Days Gone or God of War near the end of next year. I’d say Days Gone has the better chance since God of War has always been a March kinda game so I see it in early 2018. Regardless a year with all the other games I listed above as well as all the third party games is going to lead to a fantastic year for Sony.


Sony is expecting to reach 60 million PS4’s shipped by the end of their current fiscal year. A tall order indeed but one I think they could absolutely reach. I think next year could be even bigger for them then that. With new, more powerful hardware, Virtual Reality taking off, and a great lineup of both third party and exclusive games 2017 could be the best yet for the PlayStation 4.

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  1. Mmm…

    I agree!

  2. yeah ok

  3. Yep totally agree.
    Microsoft will lose a lot of gamers to pc because they are not making exclusive xbox games anymore.
    And a lot of pc gamers might buy a ps4 to play the exclusives only available on ps4/ps4neo

  4. I have ZERO doubt that the PlayStation will destroy XBOX in sales next year, Scorpio be damned.

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