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Like many avid gamers, you may have finally caved to all your friends’ constant nagging, and switched from console to PC gaming. Again, like a lot of newbies, you may have found that you’re lagging behind most of the other players in games. Even after getting a feel for the controls and learning all the little nuances of the game, you may find that you’re still not performing like you should. If you’re sick of this, here are some changes to your set-up which can help.

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First of all, updating your graphics card drivers. Like many new PC gamers, you’ve probably noticed countless people boasting about how great their graphics cards and drivers are. With all that emphasis on one little part of the PC, it can be easy to put this down as something of a gimmick. I’ll admit, some people go overboard when it comes to graphics. However, you really can’t underestimate how much of a difference your graphics card drivers can make. Most companies allow you to update your drivers through a simple control panel, or their official website. When you consider how simple this process is, and the huge, positive difference it makes to your gaming experience, regularly updating your graphics card drivers is a no-brainer.


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Next, buy a gaming mouse. Again, for the console apostate, this may sound like another unnecessary gimmick; a way for PC companies to drain a little more money out of you. However, having a high-quality computer mouse for gaming can in fact make a huge difference to your place on the scoreboard. Modern gaming mice are designed to be much more ergonomic and comfortable in your hand, even after hours of extended use. Hold any gaming mouse, and you’ll see immediately that they’re better suited to gaming than a standard computer mouse. Furthermore, gaming mice are designed to be much more responsive and accurate, which can give you a massive advantage when you’re playing fast-paced FPS games. Many of them also come with extra buttons which you can program for different gaming commands. For example, in Counter Strike, you can program one of the buttons to throw grenades, rather than having to hit 4 on your keyboard and click one of the standard buttons.


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Finally, if you don’t have a Solid State Drive, defrag your hard drive. If you’ve been playing some large, demanding games on your current PC, you may have noticed a harsh, grating sound coming from the tower, usually accompanied by a session of irritating lag. That sound is your computer’s SATA actuator moving across your drive rapidly to deliver the data you want to access. You can quieten this noise and reduce your loading times significantly by defragging your hard drive. When you carry out some defragmentation, you’ll essentially be re-organising all those files you never see, ensuring that the individual fragments of files are kept together, and making sure your hard drive doesn’t have to work so hard in order to function. Most computers have in-built defragging tools; just open the search bar.

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